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A few months back, we reviewed WWE Nano Metalfigs, a tiny series of die cast figurines that were okay for their price point (about $1.50 a pop), but never really scratched me where I itched.


The same company, Jada Toys, makes larger, bulkier 4 inch figures under the Metals Die Cast line and, as I've recently discovered, 2 inch ones as well.


If we're being honest with each other, the 4" figures are definitely the better bet. They're about the size of a POP Funko and have a far bigger variety in their WWE line. But the six superstars that are in the 2" line aren't bad at all. Very detailed with one poseable arm each, these are nice little desk toppers.

It's worth pointing out that this series technically has 12 figures to it, although each of the six wrestlers is available in an alternate outfit. So, for example, one could also collect a Sasha Banks wearing a light blue outfit as well. Personally, I didn't see the need to get a second set of figures with a different paint job, ya know?


Brock Lesnar is probably my favorite in this entire 2" set. His face is slightly less cartoonish than the rest and while it's not quite as realistic as, say, a Mattel figure, it's really not bad. Plus, the classic Lesnar tattoo shirt, the MMA trunks and gloves... there's just lots to like on this particular figurine.

If Lesnar is my fave among the bunch, then Triple H is a close second. They managed to perfectly capture his patented scowl and even got the distance between his eyes pretty much spot on. That's probably not an easy task. Would I have liked to see Corporate Triple H with the suit and shaggy beard? Sure, but beggars can't be choosers.


Finally, we have Paige, which doesn't rank highly for me for a few reasons. First, she hasn't been on the active roster for over a year. I get that these toy lines are planned super-far in advance, but still. Also... why are her eyes SO FREAKING BIG? Is she the anime version of Paige or something? It's a little weird, to be honest.

And while this particular John Cena is fine, it's kind of a paint-by-numbers job that we've seen 1,000 times (even the 4" figure near the top of this article looks like it was literally made from the same mold). With so many of the larger WWE Metals Die Cast in print (e.g. Kevin Owens, Rowdy Roddy Piper), we can do more than just The Champ.


Overall, this isn't a bad little set at all, and a nice addition for people like me who own approximately three billion different kinds of minifigures. Along with the two 4" figurines I have from Metals Die Cast, these are displayed prominently on my wrestling wallunit (more on that in the weeks to come), and I would love if they expanded the line to include legends, Hall of Famers and more than six of their current stars... even if all of said current stars are available in different painted versions.

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