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It's been a while since I've formally reviewed any of the lines of WWE Legends. Part of that is because they're available infrequently in Canada. For example, as I write this in November 2023, they have been selling Series 12 and 14 figures at Toys 'R' Us stores across the country and slowly introducing this particular line at the same time. Another reason is because I haven't purchased a complete set in a while, instead opting for the two or three figs I really need from a collection.

Still, these type of throwback figures are definitely my jam, and several months ago, I found WWE Legends Series 19 at various Target stores in the U.S. Let's take a closer look at what this particular series has to offer...

First up is Brother Love, being introduced to the WWE Mattel line for the very first time (action figure enthusiasts may recall that, not only was a version of Brother Love in the Jakks WWE Classic Superstars line more than a decade ago, but he was also scheduled for the LJN WWF Superstars collection before that line was shelved).

While Brother Love's face is cartoonishly red, you have to remember that the actual character also had a lobster-red face color. The white televangelist suit is pretty amazing, as are the removable glasses, microphone and "Book Of Love" that he comes with. Definitely a long-anticipated figure for WWE Mattel fans.

D-Lo Brown is not a "first in the line" figure, and this isn't even the first time he has Nation of Domination gear (he rocked a similar look in Elite Series 52). Still, this version comes complete with the Nation of Domination hat, chest protector and even the "bobblehead" hands you can swap in, making it the superior D'Lo NOD fig. This is also a chase version, which means there is also a similar D'Lo with blue accents on his trunks.

And while you're looking to round out your Nation of Domination collection... the line also has a Kama Mustafa that is hard to beat. Decked out in similar gear to D'Lo, plus a removable black hat and vest, this is the version of The Godfather you never knew you needed. Plus, if you already have NOD versions of The Rock, Faarooq and the very tough-to-find Mark Henry, you have the full ranks of The Nation ready to go.

Along those lines... make sure to check out the action figure version of our Nation of Domination Titantron, coming to YouTube later this week.

Last but not least is The Undertaker. While there are literally hundreds of Undertaker figures from Mattel, this one captures a somewhat unique phase of his career, directly after he won the WWF Championship at WrestleMania XIII and was doing so largely without Paul Bearer by his side. 

This figures comes complete with his robe and black hat; definitely not the high point of The Dead Man's career, but still something that was worth capturing in figure form.

Overall, this is a pretty awesome set of Legends figures. Even if you aren't into this particular rendition of The Undertaker, there's a lot of nostalgia to go around.

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