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WWE Legends figures by Mattel are, generally speaking, my jam, because I tend to collect more of the older characters than the current crop. Unfortunately, this line has only been available in Canada sporadically over the years. Since the line was relaunched in 2020, they've been appearing with more frequency in local Toys 'R' Us locations... so I decide to pick up the entire line this time. Let's take a closer look at the four-figure set.

Kevin Nash is, in a word, phenomenal. His depiction of the late-1990s nWo rebel may be the best one we've seen to date (see photos above for a comparison to the original WCW Toybiz figure of roughly the same era). He has the nWo logo on his singlet, as well as black leather pants with red fringes. In addition, this version of Nash comes with a removeable headband, Outsider merch shirt and interchangeable hands that allow you to make the "Too Sweet" sign (as though I'd pose him with regular hands when you have this option!). This figure is even better than Nash's WWE Network Spotlight edition of Diesel (see photo above for reference). The only knock on this figure, quite honestly, is that one side of Big Sexy's goatee appears to be slightly darker on the other. I've noticed this in several different versions of this figure in the stores, so it's not a one-off error. Still, this is pretty minor for an awesome nWo Kevin Nash figure. Of note, both this and the Billy Gunn figure have faction logos spraypainted over the WWE on the packaging.

The Junkyard Dog figure is one I never knew I needed (my collection of legends is mostly from the 1990s, though I do have some 80s figs as well). I'm not sure which match this is meant to be from; given he comes with a crown, one may assume it was WrestleMania III match against King Harley Race. However, JYD was wearing white trunks during that match; this figure has red trunks (and there's a blue trunk variant available as well). That said, JYD's red trunks are far more iconic anyways, and there are the "JYDog," Thump" and "J Y Dog" logos on his trunks and boots for some additional realism. In addition to the aforementioned crown, Junkyard Dog comes with an alternate set of hands and a dog collar and chain, a callback to his original LJN figure. However, his hands don't really allow him to hold the chain properly (or maybe I'm doing it wrong), but that shouldn't take away from one of the best figure accessories I've seen in some time - the chain has a heavy feel to it and is pretty incredible.

I had to get this Rowdy Roddy Piper figure, given I'm a lifelong fan of Hot Rod, though this depiction of Piper is from his less-heralded early 1990s run (when he challenged for the Intercontinental Title at the 1992 Royal Rumble). The figure comes with Piper's trademark kilt and his era-specific merch shirt and alternate hands. It's not a bad figure at all, but I do prefer the WrestleMania II set where he's boxing Mr. T.

Last (and probably) least is Billy Gunn, which is a bit surprising given he's an AEW competitor. This signifies D-Generation X's invasion of a WCW show at the Norfolk Scope and includes a D-Generation X T-shirt, camo pants, a helmet with leaves on top of it and of course some more alternate hands. The hands Gunn comes packaged with are almost the crotch chop hands, so they're much preferred for posing. In fact, if you lose the shirt and camo pants, this is actually a Mr. Ass era figure, which could pair really with a New Age Outlaws Road Dogg I have hiding somewhere in my collection.

Overall, this is a fantastic set and I truly wish Legends figures would have been more readily available in Canada since the beginning, as I'd gladly have collected most if not all of them to date.

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