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WWE Goes On Second-Generation

Hiring Spree

Originally published September 23, 2008

WWE Goes On Second-Generation Hiring Spr

Clockwise from top left: Jimmy B. Ware, Jennifer Shango, Barry Zhukov, Randy Orton Jr.

(Stamford, CT) - For a long time, 22 year-old Jimmy B. Ware didn't think he'd end up like his famous father, World Wrestling Entertainment legend Koko B. Ware.


"I always wanted to be a cardiologist, actually," Jimmy told Breaking News. "But that was before John Laurinaitis showed up at my door with a huge signing bonus."


The second-generation Birdman is among those that WWE hopes will bring the company in the future, much like they have with Cody RhodesPrimo ColonNatalya and numerous others.


"The son of a wrestler just has that natural instinct that promoters look for," said Barry Zhukov, another recent WWE signee. The son of former Bolshevik Boris Zhukov, Barry claims that he hates "you lazy, stupid Americans" despite the fact he was born in Baltimore.


Other recent hires include Jennifer Shango (daughter of Papa), Captain Steve Albano (nephew of Lou), Brian The Clown (son of Dink) and Cousin Junior Jr. (son of... well, you've probably figured it out already).


WWE will also pay a premium for children of dual-wrestler families (known as the "Aurora Rose rule"). Such was the case with "The World's Strongest Bastard Lovechild" Jason Young-Henry, the product of a 1998 fling between Mae Young and Mark Henry.


In related news, WWE has suspended Randy Orton Jr. for "anger management issues" when the three-month old threw a temper tantrum backstage.


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