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WWE Collectors 5-Pack Figurines

WWE Collectors 5-Pack

Believe it or not... I found this packages of Mattel wrestling figurines for $3 in a clearance bin at my local Toys R' Us. Picked up a couple packages of them, in fact. Had no idea what I'd do with them, but I couldn't sneeze at the price point.

Now... even if these things were absolutely terrible; even if they were to crumble to pieces whenever you touch them; heck... even if they kicked you in the head every time you looked at them.... THEY COST THREE BUCKS! How can you possibly go wrong?

WWE Collectors 5-Pack
WWE Collectors 5-Pack

These figures are 2.5 inches tall, roughly the same size as WWE Nano Metalfigs, which we've covered in this space before. Unfortunately, they're not die cast metal like their Nano cousins, but instead a cheap-ish plastic. Again, for three bones... beggars can't be choosers.

The likenesses of John Cena and Roman Reigns are perfectly fine, although a bit on the uninspired side. What you see is what you get here, folks.

WWE Collectors 5-Pack
IMG_9353.jpgWWE Collectors 5-Pack

AJ Styles and The Rock are probably the highlights of this little collection. They're slightly more detailed that Cena and Reigns, with nice little touches such as elbowpads, gloves and (in The Rock's case) a fairly-accurate rendering of his tattoo sleeve. Plus, it's not five micro-wrestlers with the exact same body shape... that has to count for something, no?

Each figurine comes with a WWE logo-themed plastic stand. Although, in full disclosure, two of them fell apart as soon as I assembled them. But again... THREE FREAKING BUCKS.

WWE Collectors 5-Pack

The only stinker in the group is Finn Balor. Look, I get why they wouldn't have done him up in his Demon gear (probably too expensive to dedicate all that color to one figurine), but in his current form, he looks more like Johnny Gargano than The Demon King. In fact, if he wasn't doing the signature Balor Club pose, I could not swear on a stack of bibles that Mattel actually meant to make this a Finn figurine.

WWE Collectors 5-Pack

Beyond that description... there's truly not much more I can say about these tiny cheap figurines. I mean, they'll occupy some space on my minifig shelf and in time, I'll probably forget that they're even there. But for three freaking dollars... you do have to give these bad boys a smidgen of respect.

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