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WrestleMania Win Loss Records

Below is an exhaustive list of EVERY wrestler who has ever competed at a WrestleMania from 1985 onwards and their win-loss records. A few important notes:

  • Unlike some other studies, we have included all dark/pre-show/kick-off matches and battle royal performances to ensure this receives the full range of anyone who's performed on The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

  • If a wrestler competed under more than one name, we've included them as one person. There are a couple of instances where multiple people have performed under the same moniker (e.g. Doink, Sin Cara) where it would have been tough to distinguish who played what each year.

  • If a wrestler competed in multiple matches at the same WrestleMania, each win, loss or draw counts.

  • The Hardcore/24-7 Championship is one area where we had to get creative with what counts as a true win or loss. Wherever possible, we've tried to stick to scheduled matches rather than backstage sketches.

  • This is a massive list, compiling data from nearly 500 different wrestlers and just shy of four decades. So if something appears to be off, let us know in the comments section below... or on Twitter @CanadianBulldog.


Ready? Here we go!

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