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One of the coolest things about writing about decades old WCW memorabilia on a regular basis is finding stuff that you never knew existed. 


Such is the case with WCW's sticker collection from 1999, distributed by a company called Crazy Planet. According to approximately six minutes of research, Crazy Planet was a European-based distributor (which may explain why I hadn't heard of these things before). In addition to WCW stickers, they also made Star Wars The Phantom Menace stickers -- so at least two entertainment properties that Internet denizens are constantly complaining about.


Still - how many other pieces of merchandise immortalized the black and red nWo era of Hulk Hogan?

Of course, like any series of cards or stickers, for every Hulk Hogan, you're bound to get someone who's.... well, not really in Hulk Hogan's league. And given what's happened to The Hulkster over the past year... please understand this isn't in any way meant as a racist comment.


Here, Stevie Ray (proudly sporting his nWo B-Team attire) is giving a kneelift to what appears to be one of the members of Disorderly Conduct. Or the two of them are doing something that would be appear to be just a little bit inappropriate within the confines of the squared circle.

But we're not  here to judge Stevie Ray's possible lifestyle choices.


But Stevie Ray wasn't the only mid-carder in the series; not by a longshot. There was also Alex Wright, Billy Kidman, Ernest Miller, Unmasked Rey Mysterio Jr., Eddy Guerrero and this fellow over here, Wrath.


I know what you're thinking: why is the former Adam Bomb kicking the WCW logo? That seems more than a little harsh, even if that particular logo probably deserved to be stomped on.


But seriously - why couldn't they have found a decent posed picture of Wrath? Or at the very least, why couldn't they have an action shot of some jobber giving him head? It just seems like such a random choice of photograph when so many better pics were probably available.

This sticker right here describes EXACTLY what was wrong with WCW in 1999.


Here you have Ric Flair, arguably one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up the boots, and the sticker you choose for him is one where Eric Bischoff is decking him. WHY?!? 

Were fans supposed to be left with the notion that WCW's wrestlers weren't tough enough to withstand the onslaught of a skinny, goateed television executive? I mean, at least Flair being KO'd by Stevie Ray or something!

Oddly enough, there are two more Flair stickers in the collection: one's a posed photo and another is him in another match versus Bischoff.


In addition to the aforementioned photos, there were also autographed pics (not real autographs) of Goldberg, Hogan, Sting, Chris Benoit, Rick Steiner, Bret Hart and Booker T. Not a bad group, but the overall offering doesn't make me jump up and down for joy, you know? 


Oh, Crazy Planet - you so crazy.

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