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Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

Originally published December 18, 2014

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

I own, by conservative estimates, approximately 680,000 wrestling t-shirts. I can't say I wear them all that often - in some cases, never. So recently I decided to do what any sane man would do in my situation - invited my crew over to have a fashion show!

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

WrestleMania VI "The Ultimate Challenge"

(Modeled by Canadian Bulldog Jr.)


Obtained: 1990


Features: Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior posing in pastel colors; the WrestleMania VI logo is featured on the sleeve. The date and venue are also listed.


Backstory: These were purchased at the event in 1990, which both myself and The Big Rybowski attended live in Toronto. This was considered quite the conversation piece back in the day.


eBay Value: The shirt is selling for as much as $165, Warriors!

Ric Flair

(Modeled by The Liz)


Obtained: 1991


Features: An animated image of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (or possibly Terry Taylor?) in his signature red robe, against a sunset-style backdrop. The WCW logo is displayed.


Backstory: This was purchased at my second WCW house show (at a converted horse coliseum; no joke). Flair had, of course, left WCW by this point and the show's main event was Lex Luger vs. Sid Vicious.


eBay Value: The item isn't currently listed, although Flair shirts of a similar vintage seem to range from $18 to $25.

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

Rowdy Roddy Piper "Hot Rod"

(Modeled by The Big Rybowski)


Obtained: Late-2000's. 


Features: Piper's iconic "Hot Rod" logo in red and yellow on a red ringer-style shirt. The WWE logo is displayed.


Backstory: Rybowski was given this particular item as a gift, so I'm not sure where it came from. I can say that I once had a similar shirt that I'd purchased from WWF Niagara Falls circa 2004.


Also of note? Rybowski is posing like the Piper LJN action figure, just because.


eBay Value: $18.99.

Nasty Boys

(Modeled by The Magnificent Marlie)


Obtained: 1991


Features: The Nasty Boys logo in purple against a spray-painted backdrop. The shirt is sleeveless and the sleeve holes are cut to purposely look uneven.


Backstory: These shirts were purchased at a house show at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens in 1991.  Myself and Rybowski had a matching set that was used to "nasti-cize" younger cousins the day of Rybowski's barmitzvah. Apparently it now fits a five year old.


eBay Value: Not listed. Although... did you know that a Cincinatti Reds "Nasty Boys" shirt goes for $23.54? You do now.

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

Rob Van Dam

(Modeled by Mrs. Bulldog)


Obtained: 2006


Features: A black and white image of Rob Van Dam pointing to himself with the "RVD" logo and replica autograph. This is a licensed WWE tee, in case you were wondering.


Backstory: I believe this was a prize given away at a movie theater back when we used to watch wrestling PPV's on a monthly basis. Not the most exciting shirt in the world, but the model is very attractive.


eBay Value: Not listed. Similar RVD shirts from this era sell for between $20 and $40.

Hulk Hogan "Hulkamania"

(Modeled by E-Wee)


Obtained: 2005


Features: The classic red T-shirt with the iconic yellow Hulkamania logo. This is a replica from a Hogan's later WWE run. 


Backstory: A sick child in a hospital had but months to live. One fateful day, The Hulkster showed up in the child's hospital room and literally gave him the shirt off his back. "Never let go this, little dude," Hogan was reported as saying. "This way, the people of Hulkamania will be with you forever, brother!". Minutes later, I broke into said hospital room and stole it. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


eBay Value: $18.

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

Mr. Perfect

(Modeled by Canadian Bulldog)


Obtained: 2009


Features: An illustration of Mr. Perfect against a gradient backdrop, complete with Mr. Perfect and the WWE Legends logos.


Backstory: I came across this beaut while randomly browsing for shirts at an Urban Outfitters in Montreal. Both the color and the fit are absolutely.... perfect! One of my favorite T-Shirts to lounge around in, wrestling or otherwise.


eBay Value: Not listed. 

The Hurricane "Hurricane Comics"

(Modeled by Canadian Bulldog Jr.)


Obtained: 2002


Features: A graphic novel-style cover of The Hurricane, complete with "Hurricane Comics" logo and the term "Stand back, citizens - there's a hurricane comin' through." The back proclaims "I have issues".


Backstory: I spotted this during a trip to the ill-fated WWF New York (Kevin Nash was hosting a Raw party that night and shockingly, there were less than 100 fans on hand). Anyways, I saw the damn shirt and just knew I had to have it.


eBay Value: Not listed. I'm as shocked as you are.

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

nWo "Broken Bones Rule"

(Modeled by The Liz)


Obtained: 1997


Features: The classic black and white new World order logo (trademark World Championship Wrestling). The back reads "Broken Bones Rule."


Backstory: This was back in the days when the nWo was still going strong and the shirt was readily available at your neighborhood department store because, hey, kids and adults alike were ACTUALLY WEARING IT IN PUBLIC! 


eBay Value: Between $4.99 and $15, depending on the condition.

Christian "Captain Charisma"

(Modeled by The Big Rybowski)


Obtained: 2006


Features: The front has the Captain Charisma and "C" logos in yellow against dark grey, with the term "That's how I roll" on the back.


Backstory: Rybowski originally had this one before handing it off to me. It's now one of the better fitting wrestling shirts I own, especially around the sleeves, if that makes any sense.


eBay Value: Not listed. What is with eBay this week? Do they not realize we have to value these things somehow?

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

WrestleMania X-8

SuperBrawl 2000

(Modeled by Mrs. Bulldog & E-Wee)


Obtained: 2002/2000


Features: WrestleMania X-8 has the event's logo and event information in behind the nWo logo and white splatter marks. On the back are small pictures of the top stars of the event. SuperBrawl has a WCW logo on the front and a 3-D monster movie motif on the back with the words "Terror in San Francisco". Not entirely sure why.


Backstory: I purchased the WrestleMania one at the event on March 17th at the SkyDome (now Rogers Centre). The SuperBrawl shirt was a giveaway I got while visiting the fine folks at Live Audio Wrestling.


eBay Value: Not listed for either. Surprise, surprise.

Bret "Hitman" Hart

(Modeled by The Magnificent Marlie)


Obtained: 1991


Features: Tank top with a black-and-white illustration of Bret Hart against a black backdrop. Might I also point out that those are authentic Bret Hart shades!!!


Backstory: This is an original item, purchased near the beginning of Bret's babyface run, at a house show in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens. I want to say he was taking on either Akeem or Mr. Perfect at the show in question.


eBay Value: Not listed, but..... the original shirt with sleeves (which I believe came out after this item) is selling for $41.25. So you'd have to think this version could fetch even more.

Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show
Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show

Stone Cold Steve Austin "WHAT?"

(Modeled by The Liz)


Obtained: 2004


Features: The signature Stone Cold question "WHAT?" is etched in solid white across the front, with the oversized question mark punctuated by a SCSA skull. The fact features a larger image of the skull with blue smoke teeming out of its eyes.


Backstory: Not entirely sure, but I believe I gave this as a gift to Rybowski, which he returned to me one day (not re-gifted; just because). I actually wore it when it met Rowdy Roddy Piper a couple of years back, and we ended up having a conversation about how the audience yelling "WHAT?" can ruin promos.


eBay Value: $22.99, and that's the bottom line.

Of course.... what kind of Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show would this be if we didn't show a video of what went down on the runway with our shirt models? Still probably the only Vintage Wrestling T-Shirt Fashion Show of its kind, but still.... check this out!

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