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Top 50 WWF Hasbro Figures

WWF's Hasbro figures are among the most popular wrestling figures of all time, despite the evolution and technology of the action figure game over the past 30 years. These toys had tiny levels, knobs and spring-loaded limbs and were "so close to the real thing, it's like being in the ring!" according to no less an authority than Jesse The Body Ventura.

Despite having a fairly limited run on toy shelves, the WWF Hasbro figures are still fondly remembered. In the year 2024, no less than a half-dozen toy companies (including WWE licensee Mattel) are still creating compatible figures to the original line.

Unlike many other of our Top 50 lists on this site, this ranking of the Top 50 WWF Hasbro figures is completely based on my personal preference and not any scientific criteria. Still, I did manage to establish some ground rules:

  • If a figure was repainted or a piece of clothing was added, it can only count as one figure on the list. However, figures that used different molds to capture the same character (e.g. Randy Savage, Crush, Brutus Beefcake, Ted DiBiase) can be ranked more than once.

  • This list only includes figures sold in retail stores under the WWF Hasbro banner. Mail-away variants (such as the U.K. Hulk Hogan variant) aren't included, nor are those that were designed but never released (e.g. the Orange card figures or the Rhythm & Blues Greg Valentine). Likewise, any figures that came out after the Hasbro boom of the 1990s (e.g. Mattel Retros or Wrestling's Heels & Faces) aren't eligible for this list - OG Hasbro's only.

  • Figures that were packaged as tag teams maintain that status in my ranking. So for example, Headshrinker Fatu won't outrank Headshrinker Samu.


Ready? Here we go!


Randy Savage # 3

Hasbro made a few different figures of Randy Savage while having the license. The third figure was part of Series 5, and depicts The Macho Man in the white, yellow and pink gear he wore towards the end of his WWF run.


Ludvig Borga

Ludvig Borga was included in the hard to find Series 11 collection in 1993 and was a fairly new character in the WWF at the time. Decked out in a black singlet with Finland colors, Borga's figure was quite accurate to his character at the time.


Crush # 3

The final Hasbro figure of Crush was released in Series 11 and portrayed his look from when he was a heel managed by Mr. Fuji, complete with black face paint, a goatee, and a purple singlet bearing his name.


Hulk Hogan # 3

Hulk Hogan was one of two wrestlers to have a new figure in each of the first three series'. Series 3 depicted Hogan in his Hulkster Rules shirt and bandana, and posed to deliver a "Hulkaplex" to his opponents.


Ted DiBiase # 2

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase's second figure was released in 1991 as part of Series 2. Decked out in a green tuxedo and somewhat bulkier than his original figure, DiBiase came with The Million Dollar Championship.



While the wrestling world wasn't likely clamoring for a Skinner action figure, this Series 5 release was a great depiction of the man from The Everglades, complete with an open shirt, grey pants, a beige hat and a hunting knife around his waist.


Papa Shango

Papa Shango was released as part of 1993's Series 6. His face was covered in white and black voodoo face paint, he wore a non-removable hat, and the figure also came with a necklace of bones to make the character extra-spooky.


Rick & Scott Steiner

Although not specifically packaged as a tag team, both Rick and Scott Steiner were released in 1993's Series 9. The  brothers had unique, colorful singlets (reminiscent of their WCW Galoob figs) and could deliver suplexes and slams.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan # 1

Hacksaw Jim Duggan's first WWF Hasbro release came in 1991's Series 2. He had a screaming head scan, plain blue trunks and a removable 2 x 4. A different version of Duggan came out in Series 9.


The 123 Kid

The 123 Kid was released in Series 11. It features The Kid in a blue singlet with logos on it, and black boots. Fun fact: The photo on this figure's package has no eyebrows... because Mr. Perfect shaved Kid's eyebrows off before the photo shoot.


Brutus Beefcake # 1

This Series 1 release of Brutus The Barber Beefcake (he was also in Series 3 with a different mold) in quite memorable. Wearing eye-catching purple trunks, he comes with removable hedge clippers and can (kind of) execute a Sleeper.


Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Superfly Jimmy Snuka was released in 1991 as part of Series 2, and captures his iconic islander look to a T. Wearing jungle-pattern trunks and kneepads and flashing his "I Love You" hand signal, Snuka is the classic "Jumper" Hasbro fig.


Ultimate Warrior # 2

Released in Series 2, The Ultimate Warrior's second Hasbro figure was a huge improvement over his first "Jumper" fig, decked out in white trunks and boots with neon orange and green accents and fringes.


The Nasty Boys

Released in 1992 as part of Series 3's Tag Teams subset, The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) are decked out in their iconic black pants, T-shirts with the "Nasty Boys" logo and spray-painted sunglasses. 



Released in 1993's Series 8 with a red and black sumo outfit (and again in Series 11 with a black and white repaint), Yokozuna was the largest Hasbro figure in the series, with his gargantuan frame perfect for delivering a Banzai splash.


The Bushwhackers

Released in Series 2 as part of a Tag Team set (and repainted for Series 10 with Butch receiving a hat), The Bushwhackers were molded in their signature Bushwhacker walking pose; spot-on likenesses of the New Zealand tag team.


Bam Bam Bigelow

Released as part of 1993's Series 8, the Bam Bam Bigelow figure is literally fire, with colorful flames all over his black outfit. Bigelow also has tattoos on his arms and his head, though not the most accurate of depictions of them.


Sgt. Slaughter

Released as part of 1992's Series 3, Sgt. Slaughter is presented exactly as how wrestling and GI Joe fans remember him, decked out in military fatigues, hat, sunglasses and combat boots. He even has one finger pointing at opponents as to say "That's an order, maggot!"


Shawn Michaels

While Shawn Michaels was first released as part of The Rockers' Tag Team pack, here we are referring to the Series 7 release (and Series 10 repaint) in which Michaels is wearing his signature Heartbreak Kid gear and sunglasses.


The Legion Of Doom

Released in 1992 as part of Series 3's Tag Teams subset, The Legion Of Doom (Hawk and Animal) have face paint, black and red outfits and spiked shoulder pads. In fact, if the shoulder pads were removable, they may be atop this list.


Big Bossman # 2

The Series 3 Big Bossman is far superior to his Series 1 release, including a more slimmed-down look for his babyface run, a blue and black prison guard outfit and a removable night stick to serve up his opponents some Hard Time.


Ultimate Warrior # 3

By far the most impressive Hasbro rendering of The Ultimate Warrior has his Series 3 figure, which is much more shredded and bulkier than the first two figures. The Warrior is decked out in a purple, yellow and white outfit.



Released in 1992's Series 3, Earthquake is wearing his signature blue singlet with black and white accents on it. But the real star of this figure as his posable legs, which gives him the ability to deliver a sit-down Earthquake splash.


Hulk Hogan # 2

While there were several Hulk Hogan figures made by Hasbro, the Series 2 release was the most unique. Wearing his yellow "Hulk Rules" shirt, Hogan is posed with his arms clenched, to either deliver a bearhug or pose for his Hulkamaniacs.



Released as singles with Ax and Smash in Series 1, and then as a tag team with Smash and Crush in Series 2, Demolition's Hasbro figures are the picture-perfect representation of the legendary team, complete with face paint and black outfits with silver studs across them.


Hulk Hogan # 1

The first of five Hulk Hogan Hasbro figures came out in 1990's Series 1, and had The Hulkster decked out in his classic yellow shirt and trunks. With Hulk Rules printed across his chest, he was posed to deliver a "Gorilla Press Slam" to opponents.


Jim The Anvil Neidhart

Released in 1993 as part of Series 5, Jim The Anvil Neidhart didn't come in his standard Hart Foundation gear, but rather the blue trunks and yellow "taxi" style boots he wore when tagging with Owen Hart, making this a unique figure.


Razor Ramon

Released in Series 7 (and repainted in Series 10), Razor Ramon came with a sneer across his face and was dripping in gold necklaces. He also wore a vest and his logo on his trunks, with his signature move being "Razor Rage."


The Mountie

He's The Mountie - he's handsome; he's brave; he's strong... As part of Series 5, The Mountie came in his red and black RCMP gear, a brown hat and boots, and was armed with a removable shock stick to make sure foes respected the law.


Ted DiBiase # 1

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase's first Hasbro figure was released in 1990 as part of Series 1. While slightly smaller than his Series 2 counterpart and also holding The Million Dollar Belt, this figure came in a much-cooler black and gold.


Jake The Snake Roberts

Jake The Snake Roberts' Hasbro figure was part of Series 1, and was a great likeness of The Snake. He came with a removable Damien, and his left arm was spring-loaded to execute what Hasbro called a "Python Punch." 


Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect was first released as part of 1992's Series 3 with yellow tights, and then one year later in Series 8 with blue tights. His action feature was quite unique in that he could (kind of) maneuver his opponent into a Perfect Plex.



Tatanka was released in 1992's Series 6 (and again in Series 9 with different packaging). The Native American had brown hair with a red streak in it, and had brown and blue ring gear. His signature move was the Tomahawk Tackle.


Texas Tornado

The Texas Tornado (a/k/a Kerry Von Erich) was released in 1992's Series 3. While the figure itself was fairly plain, with red trunks and white boots, the signature move was the "Texas Twister" discus punch - which actually worked!



While the eye-bulging head scan for this figure of Irwin R. Shyster looks like a reject from The Real Ghostbusters, his clothes set him apart. IRS' dress pants, white shirt, tie and suspenders make this figure incredibly unique.


The British Bulldog

No relation to yours truly, The British Bulldog was released in 1991's Series 4 and is wearing white trunks with the British flag adorned on them. Bulldog also has braided hair and is able to execute a convincing power slam.


The Honky Tonk Man

With his long sideburns and his hair slicked back, The Honky Tonk Man was part of Series 2 and was wearing his classic blue jumpsuit with white highlights. Honky also carried a removable guitar, just in case he needed to perform a song.


Greg The Hammer Valentine

While not as colorful as some of his Hasbro brethren, the Series 3 release of Greg The Hammer Valentine was a fantastic depiction of the performer, complete with a black knee brace.


Giant Gonzalez

Released in 1993's Series 10, Giant Gonzalez towered over the other Hasbro figures, and was decked out in a version of his sasquatch-style outfit that was partly flesh-colored with tufts of brown fur molded on.



Akeem was released in 1990's Series 1 and came clothed in a dashiki-style yellow shirt, blue trunks, blue hat and yellow boots. His signature move was one where you could bend The African Dream's torso back slightly to deliver a terrifying splash.



Released in 1992's Series 17, Kamala came with his signature face paint, tribal skirt and garland around his neck. Fun fact: a variant with a moon painted on Kamala's belly is extremely rare and worth a small fortune among collectors.


Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

The Series 4 release of Ricky The Dragon Steamboat really leaned in to his short-lived Dragon persona, complete with fins on his headdress and arms and a removable wing piece on the back.



Released as part of 1993's Series 5 figures, Virgil is wearing his post-bodyguard outfit of white trunks and boots with red trim. He has a spring-loaded punch as his signature move, perfect for decking opponents or cajoling fans into buying his autograph.


Dusty Rhodes

Released as part of Series 2, Dusty Rhodes is wearing his classic WWF gear of a black shirt with yellow polka dots, yellow knee pads and white cowboy boots. The American Dream's face scan is as about as accurate as one can get.


Doink The Clown

Released as part of 1993's Series 9, Doink The Clown is in full evil clown mode, with colorful face paint and multicolored clothing. Doink also has green fabric doll hair atop his head, making him a unique Hasbro figure.


Andre The Giant

Released as part of 1990's Series 1, Andre The Giant is wearing his iconic black single-shoulder singlet and black boots. His features are also noticeably larger than most Hasbros, and his bug-eyed stare is the perfect Andre expression.


Bret Hitman Hart

Released as part of 1992's Series 4 (and repainted for Series 8), Bret Hitman Hart is a near-perfect rendering of The Excellence of Execution, complete with mirrored shades, and detailed pink and black outfit, and very poseable arms.


Rowdy Roddy Piper

Released as part of 1991's Series 2, Rowdy Roddy Piper is a great representation of his babyface run, complete with white "Hot Rod" shirt, red kilt and black boots. Piper also has one closed fist to deliver his "Piper Punch."


Randy Savage # 1

While there were several figures of Randy Savage made over the Hasbro years, the Series 1 rendering is the most iconic look for the Macho Man. This version has his signature sunglasses, orange trunks with stars, and yellow kneepads and boots.


The Undertaker

Released in Series 4 (and repainted in Series 8, this time wearing a cloak), The Undertaker is easily the Top WWF Hasbro figure. Wearing black gear with grey gloves and boots and a black hat, The Dead Man is eerily accurate, right down to his intimidating death stare.

Who did we leave off?

While eligible for inclusion, the following figures did not make our Top 50 list:

  • Big Bossman # 1

  • Ravishing Rick Rude

  • Ultimate Warrior # 1

  • Randy Savage # 2

  • Brutus Beefcake # 2

  • The Rockers

  • Koko B. Ware

  • Randy Savage # 3

  • Typhoon

  • Hulk Hogan # 4

  • Rick Martel

  • Sid Justice

  • The Warlord

  • The Berzerker

  • El Matador

  • Repo Man

  • Ric Flair

  • Crush # 1

  • Nailz

  • Owen Hart

  • Lex Luger

  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan # 2

  • Ted DiBiase # 3

  • The Headshrinkers

  • Marty Jannetty

  • Adam Bomb

  • The Smoking Gunns

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