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Top 50 WWE Hall of Fame Prospects

The WWE Hall of Fame was established nearly 30 years ago (1993) and as of the end of 2022, there have been 234 inductees representing the cream of wrestling's crop: legendary performers; well-known superstars; powerful tag teams, families and factions; groundbreaking managers and announcers; and even celebrities who have been affiliated with professional wrestling.

Yet there are still hundreds of performers who haven't yet been recognized in the WWE Hall of Fame. We've narrowed it down to the Top 50.

In ranking the Top 50 WWE Hall of Fame Prospects, we're looking at the most likely people to be inducted in the next few years, with a few reasonable exclusions:

  • Performers currently contracted to AEW (e.g. Christian, Paul Wight, Chris Jericho) -- never say never, but the politics will make it tough.

  • Performers who are currently active (e.g. Brock Lesnar) - sure, they'll be in one day, but unlikely until they've called it a career.

  • Wrestlers that never became a household name outside of the U.S. (e.g. Perro Aguayo, Riki Choshu) - nothing against their accomplishments, but only a handful of foreign stars have made the HoF.

  • Any members of the McMahon family (e.g. Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon) - while Triple H was inducted in 2019, it was part of the D-Generation X faction; based on history, it's unlikely he or anyone else in the family will be inducted on their own.

Ready? Here we go!


The Sandman

The Sandman was best known during his 30-year career for being a flagbearer for ECW, winning its World Championship five times and always being a featured performer. Sandman also competed in WWE, TNA and elsewhere.


Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan was at the forefront of wrestling for nearly 50 years, whether as a wrestler, manager or booker. He rose to prominence in the early 1980s as a Satanic heel, using that persona in Florida, the NWA, WCW and elsewhere.


Ken Patera

In addition to being an Olympic weightlifter, Ken Patera was a dominant force in wrestling in the 1970s and 1980s. Having stints in the WWF, NWA and AWA, Patera is a former Intercontinental Champion.


Johnny Valentine

Johnny Valentine was a legendary heel who held numerous championships in the NWA and elsewhere over his near 30 year career. He is also the father of WWE Hall of Famer Greg The Hammer Valentine.



Victoria was one of WWE's top female performers in the early-to-mid 2000's. She held the WWE Women's Championship twice and then competed as Tara in TNA, where she held the Knockouts Championship five times. 


The Midnight Express

Although there were several incarnations of The Midnight Express during their 30-year run, the duo that would likely be inducted are the late Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Sweet Stan Lane, both of whom experienced success in NWA/WCW.


Nikita Koloff

Nikita Koloff was one of the top draws in Jim Crockett Promotions, capturing almost all of the NWA championships available in that era. He later switched from heel to babyface and teamed with Dusty Rhodes.



A top draw in the WWF in the early to mid 1990s, Earthquake was a former sumo wrestler who battled the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior in main events. He also competed in WCW as Avalanche and The Shark.


Tony Garea

Tony Garea spent most of his 30-year career in the WWWF/WWF, both as a performer and a road agent. He captured the WWWF Tag Team Championship five times over the years with four different partners.


Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali deserves a prime spot in the WWE HoF Celebrity Wing for numerous contributions over the years. In 1976, he fought Antonio Inoki in Tokyo and he was a special guest referee at WWF's first WrestleMania in 1985.



Sabu was an icon of ECW and one of the promotion's most influential wrestlers in the mid-to-late 1990s. He was ECW's second Triple Crown Championship, and also competed briefly in WCW, TNA and WWE before retiring in 2021.


Terri Runnels

Beginning her career as a manager in WCW named Alexandra York, Terri Runnels then came to the WWF in the corner of then-husband Goldust (as Marlena). Following those roles, Runnels was a manager, interviewer, television host and WWE personality.


Mike Rotunda

Mike Rotunda, who also competed as Mike Rotundo, Michael Wall Street, Irwin R. Schyster, VK Wallstreet and Mr. Wall Street, competed in the WWF, NWA and WCW throughout his career. His children include Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt.


The Dynamite Kid

A controversial-yet-influential competitor, The Dynamite Kid was best known in WWE circles for his team with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Davey Boy Smith. However, Dynamite also pioneered a hard-hitting cruiserweight style in Japan.



Konnan was one of the most influential wrestlers and promoters in modern-day lucha libre, as evident with his impact on many of today's stars. He also had meaningful in-ring roles in AAA, WCW and TNA.


Rick Martel

Rick Martel was one of wrestling's top babyfaces in the early-to-mid 1980s. He held the AWA World Championship for almost two years, and also held gold in the WWF and WCW. As a heel, Martel was known as The Model in the WWF.


King Kong Bundy

King Kong Bundy was a huge part of the early WrestleManias, battling Hulk Hogan in the main event of WrestleMania II. In addition, he was a key part of the Bobby Heenan Family and feuded with the likes of Andre The Giant and others.


Sycho Sid

Also known as Sid Vicious, Sid Justice and just plain Sid, the performer dominated the 1990s and was initially dubbed the next Hulk Hogan. He would go on to headline WrestleMania XIII and twice capture both the WWF and WCW World Heavyweight Championships.


William Regal

Among William Regal's many accolades were winning the WCW Television Championship, the WWF/E Intercontinental Championship and becoming King of the Ring in 2008. Regal was also a longtime NXT commissioner.



One of the biggest stars of The Attitude Era, Sable crossed into mainstream pop culture through her Playboy appearances. She also helped resurrect the WWF Women's Championship, and hey, she's also the wife of Brock Lesnar.


Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer is more than an icon of ECW; he was often the thread that held the promotion together during its ups and downs. In addition, The Innovator of Violence was a key to the 2006 ECW relaunch by WWE and a road agent.


Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette is one of the only managers from the 80s era of professional wrestling not to have a WWE Hall of Fame ring. In addition to managing The Midnight Express, Cornette was also ran OVW and SMW and was a booker in the WWF.


Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman was an innovator everywhere he went, wowing audiences with his high-flying style in Stampede and WCW. Late in his career, his Loose Cannon persona was the talk of the industry before his untimely death.


Lex Luger

Arguably, Lex Luger should have been in the WWE Hall of Fame many years ago, so it's only a matter of time until he gets that honor. A headliner in WCW and WWF, Luger was successful as both a babyface and heel wherever he went.



This one is kind of cheating, given Batista was already announced as headlining the 2020 WWE HoF class, before bowing out due to the pandemic. Still, The Animal was a six-time World Champion in WWE and one of the most popular acts in the Ruthless Aggression era.


Adrian Adonis

Adrian Adonis was a hallmark of the early-1980s wrestling scene, capturing championships in both the WWF and AWA. He later took to the effeminate Adorable Adrian persona, feuding with the likes of Rowdy Roddy Piper.


Ted Turner

While failing health may prevent Ted Turner from receiving his HOF award in person... his contributions to wrestling are massive and should be recognized. Not only did he make professional wrestling a staple on TBS, but he also revived WCW.


Tiger Mask

While several wrestlers portrayed Tiger Mask over the years in New Japan Pro Wrestling, this honor would likely go to Satoru Sayama, the man who first wore the mask and won Junior Heavyweight gold in the WWF and NWA.


The Crusher

The Crusher is known as "The Wrestler Who Made Milwaukee Famous," and terrorized rings over nearly 40 years in the AWA and elsewhere. His frequent partner Dick The Bruiser was inducted in the WWE's HoF Legacy Wing in 2021.


Lawrence Taylor

A prime candidate for the WWE Hall of Fame's Celebrity Wing, two-time Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Taylor made headlines in 1995 when he challenged Bam Bam Bigelow to the main event match at WrestleMania XI - and won.


Gory Guerrero

An inspiration to Mexican wrestlers and fans alike, Gory Guerrero's WWE Hall of Fame induction would likely be in part due to the wrestling family he created, which includes son and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero.


Ivan Koloff

Ivan Koloff (only related to "nephew" Nikita in storyline) was one of the most iconic heels of the 1960s and 1970s, famously ending Bruno Sammartino's lengthy run as WWWF Champion.


Dino Bravo

Dino Bravo competed for more than 20 years, primarily as a top star in Canada, but also as a frequent heel in the WWF. In 1988, Bravo allegedly set the world benchpress record of 715.5 pounds at the Royal Rumble.


The Rougeau Brothers

The Rougeau Brothers, Jacques and Raymond, were a top tag team in the 1980s, both in the WWF and their native Quebec. After teaming, Jacques became The Mountie, while Raymond became a French-language commentator.


Magnum T.A.

Magnum T.A. was a top babyface in Jim Crockett Promotions for much of the 1980s until an automobile accident cut his career short. Before then, he held the NWA U.S. Championship twice, as well as gold in the Mid-South and Florida.



Haku, also known as King Haku, King Tonga and Meng, was a fixture in the early WrestleManias, often as part of the Bobby Heenan family. He also competed in WCW and today, three of his children were members of The Bullet Club.


Giant Baba

Giant Baba spent most of his legendary career as a wrestler, promoter and head of All Japan Pro Wrestling, known worldwide for his innovative booking style. In addition to holding the local PWF Heavyweight Championship, Baba was also a three-time NWA World Champion.


One Man Gang

One Man Gang was for years a top heel in World Class and the Mid-South before joining the WWF in 1987. He later transformed into Akeem The African Dream and had success as a tag team with Big Boss Man.


Ken Shamrock

After making both the UFC and TNA Hall of Fame, a WWE Hall of Fame induction is only natural for Ken Shamrock. The MMA star returned to wrestling in the late-1990s and made impressive appearances in the WWF during The Attitude Era.



Kamala was one of the most recognizable wrestling stars to never hold a major championship. The Ugandan Giant competed in the WWF, Mid-South, World Class, WCW and USWA, always playing the intimidating savage.



Raven, also known as Scotty The Body, Scotty Flamingo and Johnny Polo, came into his own at the apex of ECW's popularity, becoming a two-time World Champion there. Raven also held gold in WCW, WWF, TNA and elsewhere.


Dennis Rodman

Basketball and pop culture legend Dennis Rodman should be considered for the Celebrity Wing due to his membership in the nWo, leading to a pair of PPV main events. Rodzilla also won Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championsihp Wrestling show.


Bray Wyatt

An induction that may have been accelerated by his sudden passing in 2023, Bray Wyatt had been building a Hall of Fame career before that, influencing many WWE storylines with his offbeat and dark characters including The Fiend.


Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow was one of the most colorful and popular wrestlers of the early WrestleMania era, competing in Memphis, WWF and NWA. He also main-evented WrestleMania XI against the aforementioned Lawrence Taylor.


Owen Hart

Arguably, Owen Hart's induction could have happened many years ago, if not for legal entanglements. Still, it would only make sense to have Owen in the Hall of Fame along with brother Bret and father Stu, given his accomplishments in WWF.


Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth was one of the most popular characters in the 1980s WWF due to her overall presentation and her part in major stories involving Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. She also held prominent roles in her WCW run.



Demolition (Ax, Smash and later Crush) were one of the most successful tag teams in WWF history, boasting a record-setting WWF Tag Team Title reign that would only be eclipsed by The New Day some 30 years later.


Paul Heyman

While still active today as the special counsel to Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman deserves immediate Hall of Fame credit for his entire body of work, which includes managing, commentating and booking in WCW, ECW and WWF/WWE.


Cyndi Lauper

It's amazing that Cyndi Lauper hasn't yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame Celebrity Wing yet, given if not for her, there may not be a WWE today. Her role in the Rock 'n' Wrestling connection was absolutely critical to the WWF's success.


The Rock

It is only a matter of if, not when, The Rock gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Not only was The Rock one of wrestling's top attractions during The Attitude Era, but he's currently one of the top names in Hollywood, giving WWE someone they will want to take great pride in recognizing.

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