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Top 50 Tag Teams Of The 2000s

May is Tag Team Appreciation Month at Wrestling Merchandise & Memories, with nearly 100 unique and interesting articles on the art of tag team wrestling.


We've looked at the Top 50 Tag Teams Of The 1980s, as well as the Top 50 Tag Teams Of The 1990s... but were there really enough tag teams around by the end of the Attitude Era to make a decent list for the 2000s (for our purposes, 2000 to 2009)? As it turns out - there were!


While WCW and ECW barely appeared in the decade (both were gone by early 2001), there was still WWF/E, which even added a second tag team division during its brand split. And let's not forget the contributions from both TNA and Ring of Honor.


In counting down the Top 50 Tag Teams of the 2000s, we looked at the following criteria:


  • How prominent was the team between 2000 and 2009?

  • Were they a dominant duo in their chosen promotion(s)?

  • Did they capture championship gold, and if so, how frequently?

  • Was the team promoted at or near the top of the card?


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The Major Brothers

The Major Brothers (Brian and Brett Major) debuted on WWE's main roster in 2007. They largely toiled near the bottom of the card until they aligned themselves with Edge and captured gold under the names you may know they by today - Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins.


T & A

When Test and Albert debuted as a tag team in 2000, they were largely a backdrop for their debuting manager, Trish Stratus. over time, T &  became a recurring part of WWF storylines, battling the likes of The APA and The Dudley Boyz.


Triple X

Triple X consisted of Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki. Together, the trio captured the NWA World Tag Team Championship in 2003 during the early days of TNA.


Animal & Heidenreich

In 2005, Road Warrior Animal began teaming with Heidenreich and the two became a version of the legendary Legion Of Doom, briefly holding the WWE Tag Team Championship.


The Basham Brothers

Doug and Danny Basham debuted on WWE's main roster in 2003 (they teamed together in OVW as well) and captured the WWE Tag Team Championship as part of JBL's Cabinet faction.


Three Minute Warning

In 2003, Rosey & Jamal were brought into WWE as Eric Bischoff's enforcers. They eventually went their separate ways, with Rosey teaming with The Hurricane and Jamal being repackaged as Umaga.


Ric Flair & Batista

Evolution members Ric Flair and Batista began teaming up in late 2003 and captured the World Tag Team Championship at that year's Armageddon PPV. They feuded with The Dudley Boyz and others before going their separate ways.


Too Cool

Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor floundered in the midcard until they were rechristened Too Cool towards the end of the 1990s. Accompanied by Rikishi and dancing their way to victory, the newly-renamed Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty even captured the WWF Tag Team Championship.


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

In 2005, WWE introduced developmental wrestlers Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch as a team of angry rednecks. The two feuded with Hurricane & Rosey, The Hardy Boyz and other teams, capturing the World Tag Team Championship three times.


The Miz & John Morrison

Two of the few stars to emerge from WWECW, The Miz & John Morrison began teaming in 2007, battling The Hardy Boyz, Cryme Tyme and D-Generation X before going their spearate ways. They reunited more than a decade later in WWE.


Billy & Chuck

Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo began teaming in 2003 and quickly adopted a not-so-subtle homoesexual gimmick to turn them into heels. Managed by Rico, they captured the WWE Tag Team Champions twice and (almost) participated in WWE's first commitment ceremony.


The Big Show & Kane

As WWE's resident giants, The Big Show and Kane have teamed up several times over the years. Their most successful run as a duo took place in 2005, when they captured the World Tag Team Championship at Taboo Tuesday.


AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Good friends who joined TNA from the very beginning, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels have teamed many times over teh years. Their most successful run was in 2006, when the two X Division rivals put aside their differences to defeat L.A.X. for the tag team championship at Hard Justice.


William Regal & Lance Storm

After The UnAmericans faction went their separate ways in 2002, members William Regal and Lance Storm began teaming up. The two dominated the World Tag Team Championship scene for much of early 2003.


La Resistance

La Resistance debuted in WWE in April 2003, comprised of French sympathizers Renee Dupress and Sylvain Grenier. They added American Rob Conway to their group and, through various combinations, won the World Tag Team Championship four times.


Rated RKO

Frustrated by company politics, renegades Edge and Randy Orton began teaming up in 2006 under the name Rated RKO. The two had a lengthy rivalry with D-Generation X and captured the World Tag Team Championship by year's end.


Kane & Rob Van Dam

The unlikely duo of Kane and Rob Van Dam began teaming in late 2002. The following year, they captured the World Tag Team Championship, battling duos such as La Resistance, William Regal and Lance Storm and, in their final WWE appearance, The Road Warriors.


Christian & Chris Jericho

Shortly after joining Raw in 2002, Christian and Chris Jericho began teaming up, including their debut together in a TLC match. They captured the World Tag Team Championship and feuded with The Dudley Boyz, Booker T & Goldust and others.


Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle

Despite feuding on and off for the previous couple of years, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle teamed together on SmackDown, becoming part of The SmackDown Six and becoming the first WWE Tag Team Champions -- despite not getting along.


The Briscoe Brothers

Though not regarded as highly as The Brisco Brothers (Jack and Jerry) in many circles, brothers Jay and Mark Briscoe began teaming in Ring of Honor in 2002 and were with the promotion for most of the decade. They are still tag team partners to this very day. 


The Brothers Of Destruction

Despite feuding on and off for most of their careers, Kane and The Undertaker have often put aside their differences to become The Brothers Of Destruction. The duo feuded with Edge & Christian, The Two Man Power Trip and countless others over the years.



Consisting of Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina, MNM came to WWE in 2005 following a run in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The team was dominant on SmackDown, capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship three times.


Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Former Shawn Michaels students Paul London and Brian Kendrick began teaming in 2003 in WWE. By 2006, the two captured the WWE Tag Team Championship and held on to the gold for nearly a year.


D-Generation X

While D-Generation X was originally formed in the 1990s, founding members Shawn Michaels and Triple H reformed their iconic act in 2006. in addition to capturing the World Tag Team Championship, they also feuded with Rated RKO, The Spirit Squad and others.


Edge & Christian

Lifelong friends Edge & Christian began teaming on the independent scene in 1997, joining the WWF shortly thereafter as part of The Brood. By the end of the 1990s, E & C became one of the top heel duos in teh company, holding the WWF Tag Team Championship seven times before splitting in 2001.


The Colons

Primo and Carlito Colon became WWE Tag Team Champions shortly after becoming a duo in 2008. They would go on to unify those belts with the World Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania XXV.


The Right To Censor

Part of a larger faction that was meant to lampoon criticism of the WWF by The Parents' Television Counsil (PTC), The Right To Censor (RTC) included Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather, who captured the WWF Tag Team Championship in 2000.


Palumbo & O'Haire

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire captured the WCW World Tag Team Titles in January 2001, becoming the last team to have that honor before the company was purchased by Vince McMahon. Later, they took on The Brothers Of Destruction in the WWF.


Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree

The odd couple of Japan's Kenzo Suzuki and Frenchman Rene Dupree led to a brief alliance in 2004 that culminated in them capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship for a short period.



Not to be confused by the more recent pairing in Impact and AEW... This version of L.A.X. was created in 2005 and included Apolo, Homicide and Hernandez (managed by Konnan). Together they captured the NWA Tag Team Championship.


The Spirit Squad

In 2006, a quintet of male cheerleaders known as The Spirit Squad captured the World Tag Team Championship in WWE, alternating title defenses between the members. Of the group, Nicky went on to have the biggest impact as Dolph Ziggler.


The Hurricane & Rosey

Following the breakup of Three Minute Warnings (see # 40), The Hurricane recruited Rosey as his Super Hero In Training. Managed by Stacy Keibler, they captured the World Tag Team Championship.


Cryme Tyme

Shad Gaspard and JTG debuted in WWE in 2006 as Cryme Tyme, a stereotypical duo from the hood seeking that "Money, money, yeah, yeah." While they never held tag team gold, the duo was quite popular.


Kevin Steen & El Generico

While Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn still team up on occasion in WWE, they began teaming in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla, feuding with The Briscoes, The Young Bucks and other teams. 


Deuce & Domino

After experiencing success in OVW, Deuce & Domino debuted on WWE's main roster in 2007 as a pair of fifties-era greasers and managed by the rollerskating Cherry. The pair quickly captured the WWE Tag Team Championship and held it for the first half of that year.


Booker T & Goldust

What began as a gag in 2002 where Goldust kept trying to team with Booker T spawned into a permanent pairing when the two battled the nWo and Evolution. The duo struck gold at that year's No Mercy event.


Edge & Rey Mysterio

Two of the infamous SmackDown Six, Edge and Rey Mysterio began teaming in 2002 against the likes of Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit and Los Guerreros in top matches. The two briefly held the WWE Tag Team Championship in November.


The Kings of Wrestling

Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) and Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) began teaming in 2005 on the independent scene. At one point, they held the tag team titles in CZW, Chikara and Ring of Honor as triple crown champions.


The Legacy

In 2008, Cody Rhodes became the first World Tag Team Champion to lose the championship to himself, as he abandoned partner Hardcore Holly for Ted DiBiase. Together, Rhodes and DiBiase became part of Randy Orton's Legacy stable, feuding with the likes of D-Generation X and Cryme Tyme.


Beer Money Inc.

James Storm and Bobby Roode formed a team in 2008 on the ashes of America's Most Wanted. While they would go on to have even greater success the following decade, Beer Money enjoyed several runs at the top of TNA.



Brian Adams (Crush) and Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb) were rechristened KroniK in 2000. The two dominated WCW towards the end of the promotion's run and captured the WCW World Tag Team Championship twice before briefly joining the WWF during the InVasion angle.


The Two Man Power Trip

Following Stone Cold Steve Austin's heel turn during WrestleMania XVII, he was paired with Triple H. Together, the WWF's top villains ran roughshod over the competition, including The Brothers of Destruction, The Hardy Boyz and others.



Faarooq and Bradshaw started together as The Undertaker's Acolytes in the late 1990s. Later they reemerged as hired guns who would work for the highest bidder. As The APA, they captured the WWF Tag Team Championship twice, battling The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and others.


Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho

Another successful team for Chris Benoit was partnering with Chris Jericho (although voluntarily this time). Together, they overcame The Two Man Power Trip for the WWF Tag Team Championship in May 2001.


America's Most Wanted

One of the most iconic teams in TNA history, James Storm and Chris Harris began teaming shortly after the promotion began in 2002. Over the next few years, they would capture the NWA World Tag Team Championship six times.


The World's Greatest Tag Team

Originally brought in as Team Angle, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin began teaming in 2002 as The World's Greatest Tag Team, and were often in the hunt for the WWE Tag Team Championship. After their WWE run, the duo continued to dominate in Ring Of Honor and elsewhere.



Towards the end of the decade, Chris Jericho and The Big Show began teaming up to quite a bit of success. Together, they held teh Unified WWE Tag Team Championship and feuded with the likes of D-Generation X and Cryme Tyme.


Los Guerreros

Eddie Guerrero and nephew Chavo Guerrero reprised a team in 2002 that they had in WCW. As part of The SmackDown Six, Los Guerreros enjoyed a run as WWE Tag Team Champions in 2002-2003.


The Dudley Boyz

The most decorated tag team in wrestling history, D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley began teaming in ECW during the mid-1990s. By the 2000s, they spent significant time both in the WWF/E and in TNA (as Team 3-D).


The Hardy Boyz

Real-life brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy first began teaming in 1993 and joined the WWF later that decade. By the 2000s, The Hardy Boyz were one of the company's most popular acts, feuding with everyone from The Dudley Boyz to Edge and Christian, and from MNM to Rated RKO. The fact that The Hardy Boyz were still teaming on and off in the late 2010s demonstrates their Xtreme staying power as a unit.

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