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Top 50 Stone Cold Steve Austin Rivalries

For someone who actively wrestled for less than 15 years, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin sure managed to make a whole lot of enemies along the way.


WHAT? He had some feuds. WHAT? There was bad blood. WHAT? Rivalries. And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so! 


We're basing this on storyline rivalries The Texas Rattlesnake had with wrestlers and non-wrestlers alike, not speculating on what may have happened backstage. 


In counting down the Top 50 Stone Cold Steve Austin Rivalries, Wrestling Merchandise and Memories looked at the following criteria:


  • How prominent was the rivarly?

  • What type of stage(s) did it play out on?

  • How memorable were the matches and/or segments?

  • How much did the rivalry do to advance either person's career?


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Ready? Here we go!


Tom Zenk

One of Stunning Steve Austin's most consistent opponents in WCW was Tom Zenk. The Z-Man challenged Austin for his World Television Title several times in the early 1990s. Later on, Zenk appeared as one of the masked Dos Hombres that challenged The Hollywood Blonds after Shane Douglas left WCW.


Arn Anderson

Stunning Steve Austin and WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson were first stablemates in WCW and then feuded when they were members of The Hollywood Blonds and Four Horsemen, respectively. Later in WWE, Austin and Anderson had some out-of-the-ring skirmishes when Double A was defending the honor of Ric Flair.


Marc Mero

In 1994, Stunning Steve Austin feuded briefly with Mero, who was known as Johnny B. Badd, over Austin's United States Title. They also clashed several times in the WWF, such as during Austin's King of the Ring tournament victory, and afterwards when the Marvelous Marc Mero heel character was created.


The New Age Outlaws

WWE Hall of Famers The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) defended the WWF Tag Team Championship against Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. The NAO were also thorns in Austin's side as part of D-Generation X.


Santino Marella

For weeks, Santino Marella appeared on Monday Night Raw, poking fun at Stone Cold Steve Austin and his new film The Condemned, impersonating The Texas Rattlesnake and threatening to open up a can of "the ass whip." Finally, Austin showed up and drowned Marella in beer.


Spike Dudley

In 2001, Stone Cold Steve Austin was WWF World Champion and bullying wrestlers in the locker room. Spike Dudley refused to sign Austin's petition after Stone Cold made fun of his girlfriend Molly Holly, leading to a brief series of matches between the two on Raw and SmackDown.


Jake The Snake Roberts

Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE Hall of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts met in the finals of the 1996 King Of The Ring. While Austin won handily, he used the victory to make fun of Roberts' newfound religious beliefs, paving the way for his Austin 3:16 catchphrase.


Shane Douglas

While they never faced each other at their respective peaks, Stunning Steve Austin first battled Shane Douglas in WCW in 1992, a match that included interference by his Hollywood Blonds partner Brian Pillman. Later, The Blonds feuded over the WCW Tag Team Titles with Douglas and partner Rick Steamboat.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Stunning Steve Austin was set to defend his United States Title at WCW Fall Brawl against Ricky Steamboat. Instead, WCW deployed WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan (who hadn't competed there previously), who won Austin's United States gold in a matter of seconds.


The Big Show

The Big Show literally made his WWF debut in 1999 with the implied purpose of destroying Stone Cold Steve Austin. At the St. Valentine's Day Massacre pay-per-view, Show appeared from under the ring and accidentally threw Austin through the cage during a match with Mr. McMahon, inadvertenly letting his rival win instead.


Brock Lesnar

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar were set to wrestle in a King of the Ring qualifying match in 2002 before Austin left the WWE. Upon his return, Austin made life generally miserable for Lesnar during his feud with Bill Goldberg, including a referee spot for Goldberg-Lesnar at WrestleMania XX.



While Stone Cold Steve Austin never faced off against WWE Hall of Famer Sting during his peak, they did do battle when Stunning Steve was a member of The Dangerous Alliance in the early 1990s. Sting also beat Austin in the tournament finals to win the U.S. Title.


Stephanie McMahon

Although their first on-camera moment together in 1999 had Stone Cold Steve Austin rescuing Stephanie McMahon from the evil Undertaker, the two have been off and on enemies ever since. Whether she's been supporting her father Vince McMahon or husband Triple H, Stephanie and Austin are often at odds. 


Rob Van Dam

During Stone Cold Steve Austin's time in The Alliance, he constantly found himself at odds with Rob Van Dam. RVD wasn't willing to fall in line with other former WCW and ECW stars and as a result, the two had several clashes including a Triple Threat match with Kurt Angle at No Mercy in 2001.


Barry Windham

One of the biggest rivalries Stunning Steve Austin had in WCW was with WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham over the Television Title. The two engaged in a two of three falls match on WCW Saturday Night, with Windham winning the TV Title before dropping it back Austin about a month later. 


Shane McMahon

Much like with sister Stephanie, Shane McMahon was constantly a thorn in Stone Cold Steve Austin's side. At the Survivor Series in 1998, Shane O'Mac (then a babyface referee) screwed Austin out of his match with Big Boss Man and went on to align with his father and The Rock.


The Sandman

Upon his arrival in ECW, Superstar Steve Austin targeted The Sandman (it makes sense, given the beer-chugging abilities of both men.) Austin was vocal in his scorn of both Sandman and his manager Woman, and the two were involved in a three-way dance with Mikey Whipwreck in December 1995.


Ricky Steamboat

In WCW, Stunning Steve Austin clashed many times with WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat over the United States Championship, including a match in August 1994 where Steamboat injured his back and retired permanently from active competition.



Stone Cold Steve Austin returned from a year-long layoff in 2000 to learn that the man who had run him over was WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, who claimed to orchestrate the hit and run on behalf of his cousin The Rock. While Triple H ultimately took responsibility, Austin and Rikishi still had quite a rivalry.


Ric Flair

Steve Austin feuded more than once with his wrestling idol WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. It begin in WCW in 1993, when Austin and Brian Pillman challenged Flair and Arn Anderson Almost a decade later, Flair (and Anderson) made life tough for Austin when Flair was Raw General Manager.



Despite spending time together in WCW, Steve Austin first took on WWE Hall of Famer Mankind while both were heels. However, their feud extends much deeper, with Mankind's alter-ego Dude Love becoming one of Vince McMahon's first surrogates in his war with Austin beginning in 1998.


Kurt Angle

After spending months together as uneasy allies under Vince McMahon's thumb, Stone Cold Steve Austin joined The Alliance, which led to WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle challenging him for his WWF World Title. Angle defeated Austin for said belt just two weeks after 9/11, riding a wave of patriotism and fueling an epic rivalry.


Brian Pillman

It doesn't get much more personal than Brian Pillman defending his home with a gun while Stone Cold Steve Austin lurked on the outside of the house. Before that 1996 incident (and Austin breaking Pillman's ankle) happened, the two also feuded in WCW after The Hollywood Blonds broke up.


Triple H

Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE Hall of Famer Triple H share a stormy history together. In addition to The Game orchestrating Austin's hit and run in 1999, Austin gained a measure of revenge a year later dropping Triple H's car from a forklist (and... not killing him?), leading to an incredible Three Stages Of Hell match between the two at No Way Out in 2001.


The Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock have been linked from the time both were WWF rookies. The two rivals first traded the Intercontinental Championship in late-1997 and then they began competing for the WWF World Championship. Two of their three WrestleMania matches were the lone main events of the evening and for the WWF World Championship.


Chris Von Erich

As a wrestling fan growing up, Stone Cold Steve Austin watched the Von Erichs on World Class. When he debuted in the same territory years later, Austin was often matched up with Chris Von Erich, the youngest son. Austin and Von Erich often met in tag team matches, with Percy Pringle and Chris Adams as their partners.


2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell

2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell were a team that often opposed The Hollywood Blonds in WCW. Before and while The Blonds were World Tag Team Champions, they took on the upstart team of Scorpio and Bagwell at live events across the country and in one-on-one matches as well.



Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE Hall of Famer Chyna competed in several tag team matches during The Attitude Era; she was also in the corner of Triple H and Shawn Michaels when they faced Austin. Oddly, the two were (briefly) booked to meet one another in the main event of SummerSlam '99.



In 1997, Stone Cold Steve Austin was still technically a heel when he fought Vader in a "toughman" battle on Raw. The match included outside interference by Bret Hart, which led to a Fatal Four Way with the three of them and The Undertaker.


The Great Muta

The Great Muta and Stunning Steve Austin clashed in both WCW and New Japan in the mid-1990s as part of a talent exchange between the two companies. Most famously, they competed at Spring Stampede in 1994, with United States Champion Austin narrowly defeating Muta by disqualification.


The British Bulldog

The British Bulldog (no relation) faced fellow heel Stone Cold Steve Austin in early-1997 before The Hart Foundation reunited. Once Austin became a fan favorite, he teamed with the likes of Shawn Michaels and Dude Love to face WWF Tag Team Champs Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart.


Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco

WWE Hall of Famers Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco were trusted lieutenants (read: "stooges") of Vince McMahon and accordingly often made life miserable for the rebellious Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin fought both men on a May 1998 edition of Raw.


Eddie Guerrero

In 2002 on Monday Night Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin and his wife Debra decided to take the night off and go to a karaoke bar. WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero also showed up and heckled Austin during his performance. Following a brief staredown, Guerrero bashed Austin in the head with a bottle of beer.


Big Boss Man

WWE Hall of Famer Big Boss Man made life miserable for Stone Cold Steve Austin as a henchman for Vince McMahon, even helping to screw him out of a match in the Survivor Series 1998 title tournament. In 2001, Boss Man reappeared as a bodyguard of sorts for Booker T.


Savio Vega

Steve Austin's first major WWF rivalry in March 1996 was with Savio Vega as he transitioned from The Ringmaster into Stone Cold. The two battled at WrestleMania XII, with Austin winning, and Vega gained measures of revenge while competing as the masked Carribean Kid and in Carribean Strap matches.


Beautiful Bobby Eaton

Stunning Steve Austin's first victory in WCW was over World Television Champion Beautiful Bobby Eaton in June 1991. Austin would go on to have several hard-fought rematches with The Midnight Express member before the two united within Paul E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance later that year.


Scott Hall

When the nWo arrived in the WWE in 2002, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall made a beeline for Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two began a feud that concluded with Austin defeating Hall in their lone match at WrestleMania XVIII.


Dustin Rhodes

This rivalry  spans two different organizations. In WCW, Stunning Steve Austin often found himself facing Dustin Rhodes, both in tag team matches and singles and even a U.S. Title match at Starrcade 1993. Later in the WWF, Goldust got on the wrong side of Stone Cold Steve Austin and found himself trapped in a port-a-potty.


Kevin Owens

It took the form of the hated Kevin Owens to goad Stone Cold Steve Austin into his first match in nearly two decades. KO dumped on the people of Texas as part of his plan to have a confrontation with Austin at WrestleMania XXXVIII, which began as a talk show and turned into an actual, sanctioned match. 



Kane was the first WWF Superstar to even temporarily derail the red hot reign of Stone Cold Steve Austin when he captured Austin's WWF World Title in a First Blood match at King of the Ring in 1998. Kane's reign lasted only a day, but the bad blood between the two resurfaced over the years.


Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho was often a rival for Stone Cold Steve Austin, beginning in mid-2001 when he challenged for Austin's WWF Title. By the end of the year, Jericho defeated Austin to capture the WWF Championship. Later on, when Stone Cold was Raw General Manager, the two continued their rivalry.


Booker T

When Chris Jericho defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin the WWF Undisputed Title at the end of 2001, part of that was owed to the interference of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Incensed, Austin lfollowed the five-time WCW Champ to a supermarket and opened up a can of whoop ass (and other groceries) on Booker.


Eric Bischoff

When Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to WWE in 2003, he was (in storyline) invited back by Eric Bischoff, the man who (in storyline and in real life) fired him from WCW. The two had a match at No Way Out and feuded while both were authority figures on Monday Night Raw.


Chris Adams

Steve Austin's very first rivalry was in late 1989 with Gentleman Chris Adams, the man who trained him for wrestling in WCCW. Austin turned against his teacher and clashed throughout 1990 before eventually taking Adams' wife Jeannie for his own - both in storyline and in real-life!


Shawn Michaels

Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels are natural-born rivals, so it made perfect sense that they would clash in 1998. Michaels was the most hated man in the company, while Austin was the rebel looking to win his first WWF World Championship at WrestleMania XIV.


Mike Tyson

One of the most iconic visuals in wrestling history was the in-ring clash between Stone Cold Steve Austin and WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson on January 19, 1998. While a match between the two could have done monster business, Tyson's role as a (short-lived heel) referee at WrestleMania was more than enough.


Owen Hart

Owen 3:16 Says I Just Broke Your Neck - not much more needs to be said about Owen Hart's rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Beyond the neck-breaking incident at SummerSlam 1997, Austin feuded with Owen and other Hart Foundation members over the WWF Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships.


The Undertaker

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker first clashed in the main event of 1997's In Your House: A Cold Day In Hell, but it was hardly the only time they would wrestle. The two were on opposite sides at numerous PPVs, including SummerSlam, Breakdown, Rock Bottom, Armageddon and Judgment Day.


Bret Hart

His storied rivalry with WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart helped put Stone Cold Steve Austin on the map. After initially clashing at Survivor Series 1996, they battled again at Royal Rumble, Fatal Four Way and WrestleMania XIII, where both men switched allegiances. This led to even more bouts between Austin and Hart's Hart Foundation faction.


Vince McMahon

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon is arguably the most prolific rivalry in wrestling history, let alone in Austin's career. What began in 1997 as a Stone Cold Stunner to McMahon evolved into McMahon standing in the way of Austin succeeding as WWF Champion. McMahon sent numerous people after Stone Cold over the years and eventually became a semi-active competitor himself, solely for the purpose of ridding the wrestling world of Austin.

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