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Top 50 Hallowe'en Horrors

Wanna see something really scary?


Professional wrestling has always had its share of larger-than-life monsters, freaks and horrors that terrorized your favorites (or perhaps you root for the monsters?). They bite, they claw, they wear masks, fright wigs and makeup and generally, these aren't the type of people you'd want to meet in a dark alley.


In compiling the Top 50 Hallowe'en Horrors, Wrestling Merchandise and Memories looked at some of the most offbeat, unusual and yes, scary wrestlers (particularly over the past three decades -- so that we can largely speak from experience). The more the wrestler looks like they'd be as much at home trick or treating as they would be inside of a Stephen King novel... the higher they rank on this list.


Ready? Here we go!


Damien Demento

Hailing from "The Outer Reaches Of Your Mind," Damien Demento was known for his unique, nightmarish look. Clad in black garb and wearing a pointy black beard, Demento intimidated his opponents and main-evented the first Monday Night Raw. The fact that he talked to voices in his head added to the overall persona.



Despite being in WWE for a relatively short time, Kevin Fertig has two personas on this list. Mordecai was a quasi-religious character with a white robe, white hair and goatee, who carried a thorny staff to the ring and threatened to use it on his opponents. Unfortunately, he was only around a short while.


Black Reign

One of Dustin Runnels' creepiest personas over the years, Black Reigns was in many ways the antithesis of Goldust. Clad in black spandex with black/silver facepaint and clutching his pet rat Misty (later renamed to Terri), Black Reign frightened fans and opponents alike during his brief run in TNA Wrestling.


The Black Scorpion

Claiming to be a mysterious figure from Sting's past, The Black Scorpion terrorized the WWE Hall of Famer for the second half of 1990 by stalking him and playing mind games. Scorpion's distorted voice (really Ole Anderson's) added even more horror to the package and made Sting question his friends.



How could we NOT include someone with the name Hallowe'en on this list? A favorite in Mexico, Hallowe'en had frightening orange and black makeup adorning his face. Later, when he wrestled in Mexico as Ciclope, Hallowe'en wore a mask with one eye in the center of it... which is only slightly-less creepy.



No, not the version of WWE Hall of Famer Sting with spiky blond hair and facepaint. This is the version based on The Crow that debuted in the mid-1990s to combat the nWo. Between his jet black hair, trenchcoat and black and white facepaint, this version of The Man They Call Sting just had an eerie presence.



One of the newest entries into this list, Abadon joined AEW in June of 2020 after spending time on the independent scene. Wearing blood-red hair and zombie-like features on her face, Abandon reigned havoc over Anna Jay, Hikura Shida and others before being shelved due to an injury in October 2020.


The KISS Demon

Dreamed up in the late-1990s through a partnership between WCW and KISS, The KISS Demon dressed like (pre-plastic surgery) Gene Simmons, with the famous Demon facepaint, blood spewing from his mouth and platform boots. In fact... KISS themselves would have been an intimidating wrestling faction as is.


The Bludgeon Brothers

Luke Harper (now Mr. Brodie Lee in AEW) and Erick Rowan were tag team partners for several years, beginning as members of The Wyatt Family in NXT and WWE's main roster, splitting up and reuniting in 2019. Between Harper's cold, blank stare and the Rowan's frightening power, The Bludgeon Brothers were scary dudes.



Known alternatively as 7even and Se7en (depending on who's telling the story), Dustin Runnels was preparing to debut as a creepy Dark City-esque character upon returning to WCW in the late-1990s. However, the ultra-creepy gimmick was killed by Turner Broadcasting before he even had the chance to compete.


Darby Allin

With fearsome facepaint splashed across half of his head, Darby Allin looks as though he's part zombie and part punk rock tribute band. Debuting in AEW in 2019 after years in Evolve and other independents, Allin has gained fame for his death-defying stunts and fearsome "Coffin Drop" finisher.


Lars Sullivan

With his shaved head, satanic beard, crazed eyes and monstrous frame, Lars Sullivan is an opponent to be reckoned with. Debuting in NXT in 2017, The Freak quickly made his way to the main roster where, despite start and stop pushes since then, has been vanquishing smaller opponents.


Dexter Lumis

After spending time in Impact Wrestling as the American Psycho-esque Samuel Shaw, Dexter Lumis resurfaced in NXT in 2019 and has been just as creepy in his current role. Sporting blond hear and a creeepy mustache, Lumis has made lives miserable in NXT for the likes of The Undisputed Era, Timothy Thatcher and others.


The Sheik

The originator of hardcore wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer The Sheik was a staple of the Detroit area in the 60s and 70s, always sporting a scarred forehead and eyes that bulged out of his head. The Sheik made his name by drawing blood from opponents through fireballs, pencils and a variety of other foreign objects. 


Sensational Sherri

After a career as a respected women's wrestler, including runs at the top of the WWF and AWA, WWE Hall of Famer Sensational Sherri became a manager in 1989, where she quickly became known as Scary Sherri. Her penchant for painting her face and cackling like a witch didn't help change her overall image.


The Missing Link

Even for wrestling, The Missing Link's character was an anamoly. Link painted his face green and black, and only had patches of hair on his head. Add to the overall look a typical wrestler's black boots and trunks, and you have a bizarre combination. Link appeared lost at all-times, like some sort of cro-magnon man.



Demolition may have been labeled as Road Warrior ripoffs early in their career, but they turned to be almost as intimidating as their predecessors. Ax and Smash (and later Crush) came to the ring not only with intimidating face paint, but also black studded vests and matching hoods, making a scary impression.



Much like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre character he emulated, Leatherface had a mask made of human skin (or at least it looked like one), ratty clothes and a maniacal personality. While in Japan's FMW, he largely grunted and screamed before matches. Fun fact: Leatherface was once played by Corporal Kirchner!



Gangrel (a/k/a The Vampire Warrior) was so dedicated to his vampire look that he shaved two of his teeth to look like fangs! Along with The Brood, Gangrel was an early staple of the Attitude Era, rising up to the stage through a ring of fire, spitting out blood and covering opponents in his dreaded "bloodbath." 


Andre The Giant

No one wrestler ever legitimately scared opponents like WWE Hall of Famer Andre The Giant. At 7"4 and 525 pounds, The Eighth Wonder Of The World was the complete package of what a giant should look like. And once he turned heel in 1987, Andre was even more frightening... because he no longer smiled.


Finn Balor

When he arrived in NXT in 2014, the former Prince Devitt took the name Finn Balor, a name borrowed from Gaelic mythology that roughly translates into "Deadly Warrior". The Demon King, as he's also referred to in WWE, wears Venom-style warpaint to the ring - only when he's provoked and angry enough.


The Road Warriors

While tag teams such as Demolition were designed to intimidate, the originators of the Mad Max post-apocalyptic look were WWE Hall of Famers The Road Warriors. When Hawk and Animal debuted in the early 1980s, no one even looked competitive next to them because of their frightening characters.


Papa Shango

Years before horror characters were played for laughs in wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Papa Shango was an evil voodoo priest, wearing white skeleton facepaint, a top hat, skull jewelery and black fingernails. His powers of voodoo set some opponents on fire and even forced The Ultimate Warrior to throw up!



During an incredible 20-year run in WWE, Kane has been everything from a Frankenstein-esque villian willing to do Paul Bearer's bidding to a ruthless psychopath who has set opponents on fire and chokeslams them to hell. Kane is such a scary monster that he once starred in a WWE-produced horror film.


The Fiend

Bray Wyatt's initial WWE persona -- a kind of deranged cult leader -- was fearsome enough. But his 2019 to The Fiend (combined his creepy Firefly Fun House segments) has added an additional edge to The Eater of Worlds, making him one of the finest masters of psychological warfare in WWE history.


The Moondogs

Originally comprised of Moondogs Rex and King (and eventually adding Spot and others to the group), The Moondogs looked prehistoric, with shaggy blond beards, cut-off jeans and always brandishing huge soupbones as weapons. The team reinforced their fearsome look by having wild brawls with opponents.


Kevin Thorn

Kevin Fertig's second entry on this list is Kevin Thorn, the vampire who debuted during WWE's ECW relaunch in 2006. Accompanied to the ring by Ariel, Thorn made short work of his early WWECW opponents and eventually feuded with the likes of Balls Mahoney, Rob Van Dam and CM Punk during his short run.


Paul Bearer

Ohhhhh yessssssss! While not as ghoulish as many of his charges, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer had an eerie aura about him. Between the ghost-white face makeup, plastered-on air, suit and high-pitched voice, you always felt that Bearer would be at home hosting his own late-night horror movie show.


Shotzki Blackheart

Wearing neon green hair, a viking-style helmet and riding a toy tank to the ring, there's something definitely a little different about Shotzi Blackheart. Debuting in NXT in late-2019, Blackheart has already tangled with the likes of Bianca Belair, Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai, and is set to host NXT's Hallowe'en Havoc show.



In the early 1990s, Nailz was presented as a prisoner that was about to get his release and get revenge after years of alleged punishment from ex-prison guard Big Boss Man. Decked out in an orange prison jumpsuit, with a constant scowl and distorted voice, Nailz could have easily been the lead heel in a slasher flick.


Judas Mesias

Although only briefly in TNA and tasked with the sole objective of taking out Abyss, Judas Mesias was a demon type managed by The Sinister Minister Father Jim Mitchell. In addition to wearing black studded outfits to the ring, Judas wore special contact lens that made it look as though his eyes didn't have pupils.


Jason The Terrible

Canadian ring veteran Karl Moffatt decided he needed to do something to shake up his character in the 1980's and became Jason The Terrible. With a hockey mask, white jumpsuit and wielding a chainsaw a la Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees, Jason was a monster come to life in Stampede Wrestling.


Luna Vachon

WWE Hall of Famer Luna Vachon was one of the most intimidating female grapplers of her (or any) era. Always sneering while sporting half a shaved head, chains and facepaint on half of her face, Vachon made life a living hell for Alundra Blayze, Sable and many of her opponents over the years.


The Dark Order

Just as Luke Harper became Mr. Brodie Lee in All Elite Wrestling, he was revealed as the The Exalted One behind The Dark Order, a cult-like faction with more than half a dozen members on its roster. The Dark Order has also featured masked henchmen known as creepers that help the primary members carry out Lee's bidding.


Father James Mitchell

While Father James Mitchell was never a wrestler, The Sinister Minister was nonetheless one of the scariest individuals in ECW, WCW and TNA. Between his red suits, long fingernails and Satan-esque goatee, Mitchell was as much an agent of the devil as anyone else you'd ever seen in movies or on television.


Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Anyone who hangs around with pythons and cobras is cold-blooded enough to earn a spot on this list. What WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts lacked in overall size was negated by his likelihood to drape said pythons all over his unconscious opponent after a match, as was his evil smirk and attitude.


Kevin Sullivan

No relation to Lars... Kevin Sullivan started his wrestling career off as a blond-haired, bodybuilder type but somewhere along the way, his entire look changed as he began worshipping the devil. For the next quarter-decade or so, The Taskmaster recruited a variety of henchmen and factions to help carry out his evil bidding.


Doink The Clown

The original Doink The Clown was inspired by Stephen King's Pennywise character and was as scary as anything on television. Behind the greasepaint, Matt Borne created one of the most nuanced heels in wrestling. Later, he became a jovial babyface with Dink as his loveable sidekick.



Less a traditional vampire and more a cross between a goth villian and Juggalo, Vampiro terrorized rings in Mexico before joining WCW towards the end of its run. Sporting dreadlocks, tons of tattoos and pancake-white zombie makeup, Vampiro was very much the "freak" WCW announcers liked to refer to him as.


The Dungeon of Doom

We mentioned Kevin Sullivan earlier. In 1995, The Taskmaster created The Dungeon of Doom in WCW, a faction that included The Yeti, The Shark, Kamala, The Zodiac, Meng and half-a-dozen others. Even if you knew nothing else about the ghoulish group, their names alone make the faction true Hallowe'en Horrors.


Awesome Kong

Whether you remember her as Kharma, Awesome Kong... or even the Welfare Queen character from G.L.O.W., Kia Stevens is one of the most intimidating female wrestlers to come along in years. Large, destructive and the female Vader in many ways, she had several wrestlers running away from her in fear.


Braun Strowman

BRAUUUUUUN! The now-familiar war cry of Braun Strowman has helped make him one of the most feared men in WWE history. The Monster Of Men not only is massive and has a burly, backwoods look to him, but he's also capable of taking tremendous punishment and doing whatever it takes to hurt his rivals.


The Boogeyman

He's The Boogeyman.... and he's coming to getcha! What could be possibly scarier than a character that eminates from people's nightmares? While his persona quickly went the comedy route, The Boogeyman's penchant for eating worms and smashing clocks over his head made him a true Hallowe'en horror.


Big Van Vader

What - time - is - it? It was Vader's time to shine in the 1990s as he crushed his opponents with 450 pounds of mass, routinely tried to maim his rivals and wore an elephant-like headdress to the ring that seemingly spat out steam on command. Vader was one of WCW's most dominant champions and monsters.


Brock Lesnar

What is scarier than a Beast (or Beast Incarnate)? Sure, Brock Lesnar doesn't share many of the otherworldly qualities of many on this list, but he's also an updated version of The Road Warriors in many respects. Large, fearless and intimidating, Lesnar is the type of guy you'd avoid running into in a dark alley.



Although WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has created several scary personas over the years, his presentation of Mankind was the most frightening. Borrowing from Hannibal Lecter with a face mask and a glove to cover his severed fingers, Mankind allegedly felt no pain, which he used to win matches.



Right from the start, fans believed that Kamala was a legitimate Ugandan cannibal that was trying to devour opponents such as Jerry Lawler and Andre The Giant while wearing tribal warpaint and brandishing a spear. Kamala was also one of the only wrestlers so terrifying, he needed someone to control him.



For more than 15 years, TNA had one constant top competitor and his name was Abyss. Huge compared to many of his opponents and often wearing a face mask while clutching his barbed-wire board and trusty bag of thumbtacks, The Monster Abyss was long been considered TNA's default Hallowe'en horror.


Abdullah The Butcher

WWE Hall of Famer Abdullah The Butcher has been a Hallowe'en horror for decades. Abdullah's head looks like a roadmap due to deep scar tissue all over his bald skull that occurred from blading. The Butcher based his entire career on using forks and other various weapons to bleed him (and his opponents) dry.


The Undertaker

Where else could The Undertaker be on a list of Hallowe'en horrors but number one? The Dead Man has become wrestling's Grim Reaper in many respects, resurrecting his soul on many different ocassions and still putting fear in the hearts of his opponents for nearly 30 years. Between his look, supernatural powers and his fondness for burying his opponents, The Undertaker is truly the terror you wouldn't want to face -  dead or alive.

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