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The Sgt. Pepper's Album, Only It's Every Member Of The

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It wasn't 20 years ago today.


In fact, it was closer to 25 years ago that the new World order formed..... but after listening to the iconic Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles, it gave us one hell of an idea.


What if every person on the album were members of the nWo instead?


In order to create what will no doubt became an artistic masterpiece one day, we set the following ground rules:


  • In order to stay loyal to the original album cover, the only four people who received "duplicate" spaces were Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Randy Savage. Granted, Savage wasn't a founding member of the group... but it can be argued that he was the most famous member outside the OG three. The only time this duplication rule is waived elsewhere is for...

  • ...nWo sting, a/k/a Fake Sting, a/k/a Jeff Farmer. The reason being is that there were tons of Fake Stings during the heyday of the new World order. Also, there weren't enough people to put on the album otherwise. Look for 32 Fake Stings in the photo below!

  • We purposely left out people who had never competed for the nWo, e.g. racecar drivers and TV show hosts who were nWo in name only.

  • We also left out the WWF version of nWo circa 1992. As much as we love Shawn Michaels, Booker T and Ric Flair, it's easy enough to leave them out of this.

  • We probably missed a few names! Even though we consulted Wikipedia and other sources, it's entirely possible a few nWo members were left by the wayside.


That said, here's the frickin' album cover already...

The Sgt. Pepper's Album, Only It's Every

Not too shabby, huh? In case you can't tell who everybody is (and honestly, it's quite hard, with some of the heads being microscopic in size), below is a key for easy reference....

The Sgt. Pepper's Album, Only It's Every

1) The Great Muta

2) Disco Inferno

3) Tylene Buck

4) Pamela Paulshock

5) nWo Sting

6) Curt Hennig

7) Horace Hogan

8) Bret Hart

9) Torrie Wilson

10) The Disciple

11) Louie Spicoli

12) Nick Patrick

13) nWo Sting

14) Jeff Jarrett

15) nWo Sting

16) nWo Sting

17) nWo Sting

18) nWo Sting

19) nWo Sting

20) The Giant

21) Rick Rude

22) nWo Sting

23) Michael Wall Street

24) nWo Sting

25) Masa Chono

26) nWo Sting

27) nWo Sting

28) nWo Sting

29) Big Bubba Rogers

30) Ron Harris

31) Don Harris

32) nWo Sting

33) nWo Sting

34) nWo Sting

34a) nWo Sting

35) David Flair

36) nWo Sting

37) Brian Adams

38) nWo Sting

39) Vincent

40) Konnan

41) Ted DiBiase

42) Syxx

43) nWo Sting

44) Stevie Ray

45) Scott Norton

46) nWo Sting

47) Scott Steiner

48) Lex Luger

49) nWo Sting

50) Dusty Rhodes

51) nWo Sting

52) Buff Bagwell

53) nWo Sting

54) Dennis Rodman

55) nWo Sting

56) 1990s Scott Hall (Razor Ramon)

57) 1990s Hulk Hogan

58) nWo Sting

59) 1990s Randy Savage

60) 1990s Kevin Nash (Diesel)

61) nWo Sting

62) Scott Hall

63) Randy Savage

64) Hollywood Hulk Hogan

65) Kevin Nash

65b) nWo Sting

65c) nWo Sting

66) Midajah

67) Sting (Wolfpac)

68) nWo Sting

69) nWo Sting

70) Miss Elizabeth

71) nWo Sting

72) nWo Sting

73) Eric Bischoff

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