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RetroMania Wrestling (revisited)
Nintendo Switch


For those of you who are unaware, I previously reviewed this game when it was first released so if you're interested in hearing more about the background and gameplay for this title then I would suggest you check out that review. What I'm doing here is sort of an "updated review" of all of the new features the developers were kind enough to recently add.


For a brief background summary - I first became aware of this game when I began to see ads for it every week when I used to watch NWA Powerrr (back when that was a show that was actually worth watching). It took so long for the game to get released, by the time it came out, it had gone through some changes (like it no longer being the official sequel to Mat Mania: The Pro Wrestling Network) and I had honestly expected it to never be released but it finally was.


Upon release, the developers told us that if there was enough support for the game and enough interest, they would release future DLC and updates. Again, this process took so long (literally around 2 years or so), I figured there were going to be no updates but here we are today to take a look at this much anticipated (at least by me) update.


First Retrosoft Studios added more to the story mode which is quite unexpected and a nice touch. They advertised this by saying now we can "Finish The Story" which is a pretty cool nod to recent wrestling events. Another great part of the update is they finally added two wrestlers to the roster that were promised years ago: "Cowboy" James Storm and Mr. Hughes. I'm a pretty big James Storm fan and I think that it's interesting that the specific version of Mr. Hughes they added to the roster is him from his early-90s WWF run when he attacked Undertaker and stole his urn. Interesting choice by the developers.


Retrosoft Studios has also done a complete AI overhaul of the entire roster and many move animations have been fine-tuned if not changed outright. So many little details have been added like being able to do 10 "corner punches" to your opponent if your momentum meter is full. We all know how important that is in a classic pro wrestling match. If your opponent is in the corner and you climb the ropes; you gotta make sure you hit that ham-and-egger (shoutout to the late, great Bobby Heenan on that one) 10 times or it doesn't count.


Your tag team partner can now help by restraining your opponent by grabbing their arms if they get too close. Mechanics for hitting your opponent with a steel chair have been updated. A new NWA arena has been added. I'm almost certain this arena is based on the American Legion Memorial Stadium where Jim Crockett Promotions used to host the early Great American Bash events!


Everyone on the roster also has alternate attires now which again is a nice little touch. The stronger wrestlers now can do "power pins" in certain situations as well. I don't know if "power pin" is the official pro wrestling term but that's what they call it here. It's when a bigger, stronger wrestler decimates his opponent with a particularly devastating move and then sort of drapes himself over their chest and poses in some sort of way instead of hooking a leg like a traditional pin. The way the Undertaker pins opponents after a tombstone is probably the most well-known example I can use.


On top of all the great things added in this update, while writing, I noticed a video on Retrosoft Studios official YouTube channel that more DLC is coming! More legends have signed on to appear in the game and pretty soon, hopefully, (as opposed to a couple of years from now which seems to be the usual development cycle for this game), we'll be able to play as Demolition, the Rock N Roll Express, and even Magnum TA! I'm pretty pumped for that. This DLC will come with a cost that has yet to be determined, though, but I'll gladly pick it up.


I've taken a couple of digs at Retrosoft for being a little slow in releasing and then supporting this game but in reality; it's one of the most fun wrestling games I've played in years. Great roster. Great retro feel to it. More modes and options than you normally find in a retro-styled wrestling game: it has it all. It's timeless and provides hours of fun and, with new legends being added and perhaps even more DLC in the future, it's only going to get better.


Until next time... keep mashing those buttons!

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