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The Enduring Legacy of Hulk Hogan

Part Thirty Five

1990’s edition of the Survivor Series had arrived and Hulk Hogan finally had his chance to get Earthquake in the ring, along with Earthquake’s allies Haku, Dino Bravo, and The Barbarian. With “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Tugboat, and Big Boss Man backing him up, Hogan had to feel he could keep focused on Earthquake without having to watch his back for a sneak attack.


The Natural Disasters entered the ring, followed by The Hulkamaniacs. As The Hulkster ripped off his shirt and posed for the fans, color commentator “Rowdy” Roddy Piper observed to Gorilla Monsoon that while this was no beauty contest, everyone in the ring was tough.

The two teams couldn’t figure out who would start the match. The Hulkster was eager to

start and the fans’ chants made it clear they wanted him to. However, Hacksaw Jim Duggan talked his teammates into letting him start and he opened the bout, squaring off against Haku. The two brawlers did what they did best, which of course is brawling. Both men unloaded with chops, kicks, and punches, neither getting the upper hand. Duggan whipped Haku into the corner and Haku attempted to dive off the second rope but Duggan got out of the way.


A series of clotheslines by Hacksaw, and Haku seemed to be in trouble. However, Duggan missed an elbowdrop and Haku made the tag to Dino Bravo. An inverted atomic drop stunned Duggan and Bravo unloaded, using his power-based offense. Earthquake’s team made quick tags, allowing The Barbarian to get in some punishment, then Haku returned. Haku drove an elbow into Duggan, but Duggan was close enough to his corner to tag in Big Boss Man.

The Boss Man and Haku exchanged blows. Haku reversed an Irish whip and hits Bossman with a nice-looking dropkick, showing he could do more than brawl when he wanted to. Cover on Boss Man but Haku only got a two-count. Haku whipped Boss Man into the ropes but Bossman reversed, catching Haku with the Boss Man Slam. Cover on Haku and he’s eliminated a three-count later.


Boss Man charged into the lion’s den, attacking Dino Bravo in the Natural Disasters’ corner. Big mistake as The Barbarian ran in, hitting him from behind. Bossman regained control, though, and pummeled The Barbarian. Manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan got on the apron to distract the Boss Man. Lots of bad blood between Boss Man and “The Brain” after insults made about the Bossman’s mother by Heenan’s former charge “Ravishing” Rick Rude (Rude was supposed to be in the Survivor Series but was replaced by Haku after Rude left the WWF in a dispute; the storyline reason being WWF President Jack Tunney suspended Rude for insulting Boss Man’s mother. No, I didn’t make that up).


Piper told Gorilla Monsoon it was a bad mistake as the Boss Man was distracted, ramming Heenan’s head into the turnbuckle. Boss Man went after The Barbarian but The Barbarian resisted a hip toss. Big suplex on the Boss Man and The Barbarian follows up with a bodyslam. The Barbarian went to the top rope but was taking way too much time. When he came off the second rope though, no one is home. The Boss Man got to his feet and made the tag to Jim Duggan.

Hacksaw came in and brawled with The Barbarian. The Barbarian made the tag and Duggan followed him in, getting a few blows on The Barbarian. However, Dino Bravo came in and took advantage of Duggan being distracted. Bravo tagged in Earthquake and you know Duggan’s in for a classic beatdown.


Bravo and Earthquake whipped Duggan into the ropes and knocked him down with a double clothesline. Duggan has got his work cut out for him as Earthquake goes after him. Duggan tried to bodyslam Earthquake, getting nowhere. Duggan bounced off the ropes, using the momentum to increase his attack. Duggan hit Earthquake but the big man wasn’t going down soon.


Duggan bounced off the ropes again but Earthquake’s manager Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart pulled down the top rope, causing Duggan to fall outside of the ring. Duggan is more angry than hurt and chased Hart around the ring. Duggan grabbed his 2x4, chasing Hart into the ring. Earthquake happened to be in the way so Duggan blasted Quake with the lumber, right in front of the referee. As you might expect, Duggan was disqualified and eliminated.

Hulk Hogan saw his chance and entered the ring, slugging away at Earthquake. Although the big man wasn’t dazed, he will be if he takes any more lumps to the head. Seeing his teammate in trouble, Dino Bravo ran in, only to get bodyslammed by The Hulkster. The Barbarian came in and fared no better, getting slammed as well. The Hulkster pointed to Earthquake and signaled to the fans that he wants to slam him. Roddy Piper said it’s a bad idea but the Hulkster can’t hear him and even if he did, he might not listen. Hogan raked Earthquake's eyes then went for the slam, shocking Piper when he lifted Earthquake and slammed him to the mat.


Fortunately for Earthquake, Hogan spent way too much time rallying his fans, giving Earthquake a much-needed breather. Hogan whipped Earthquake into the corner and clotheslined him, followed by a series of punches. However, Earthquake lifted Hogan up and powerslammed him to the mat, stunning the Real American.


Earthquake wasted no time and tagged in Dino Bravo. Bravo bounced off the ropes and dropped a big elbow on Hogan. Bravo followed up with another big elbow on Hogan. Bravo laid in the boots to the Hulkster. Bravo went to his corner for some reason but didn’t make the tag. Bravo went back to the Hulkster, looking like he’s going for a bodyslam. Bravo has clearly underestimated the Hulk as Hogan surprised him with a small package, getting the 1-2- 3. Hogan may be a power-based wrestler but once again, he shows he can use scientific holds when necessary.

The Natural Disasters are now down 3-2 with the Earthquake and Barbarian being the last two men left. Hogan wisely tagged out and Boss Man entered the battle again. Bossman avoided an Earthquake charge into the corner and went to the top rope only for Quake to catch him, getting ready for a slam of some sort. The Hulkster turned the tables, running into the ring and giving the Boss Man enough of a push for the Earthquake to lose his balance and fall. Bossman covered Earthquake but only gets a two count.

Earthquake whipped Boss Man into the ropes and he was in the wrong part of town. The Barbarian capitalized on things and hits the Boss Man from behind with a big boot. The former correctional officer was easy prey now and Earthquake dropped two big elbows on him, covering him for the pin.


With the odds now even, Hogan came in, undoubtedly aware that he had to get Earthquake out of the match if he wanted his team to win. Hogan peppered Earthquake with punches followed by a big boot. Hogan hit a clothesline on Earthquake but the big man was still on his feet. Perhaps hoping to go for broke, Hogan tried another bodyslam on Earthquake but the big man wasn't moving.


Incredibly, Hogan tried again and paid big time as the Earthquake landed on top of him. That’s 500 pounds crushing on top of you! Earthquake tried for the pin but Hogan somehow kicked out. With Hogan down, Earthquake went for a splash but Hogan somehow avoided it. Now, both Hogan and Earthquake were struggling to make the tag.


With both Earthquake and Hogan in trouble, who would be the first to make the tag and whose team will win the match at Survivor Series. With Earthquake still trying to end Hogan’s career, could the Hulkster withstand his foe’s fury? Join us next time and find out.

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