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Tag Team Appreciation Month


Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden

1982 - 1996

CWA Tag Team Champions

NWA Southeastern Tag Team Champions

WCW World Tag Team Champions

Written by Adam Zimmerman

The Stud Stable

Originally formed by Robert Fuller's brother Ron Fuller in Southeastern Championship Wrestling; The Stud Stable was comprised of many wrestlers over the years. Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, Arn Anderson in two different incarnations; the list goes on and on. 


The two most consistent and chief members however, were the "Tennessee Stud" Robert Fuller and his cousin Jimmy Golden. By the way, if you don't know how Robert Fuller got his nickname of the "Tennessee Stud" -- it's not my place to tell you here. Fuller and Golden were part of a huge, extended family of wrestlers that supposedly included over 30 family members involved in the business over the years.

After their run Southeastern Championship Wrestling, Fuller and Golden brought the Stud Stable to the Continental area and to Memphis to feud with Jerry Lawler and his usual cohorts. Eventually, in the early 90s, Fuller and Golden found their way to the Jim Cornette-promoted, Rick Rubin-financed Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion which I used to enjoy watching at 3:00am Sunday mornings on my local affiliate station, WHSV TV-3. 


Actually, at the time, I was around 12 years old and didn't stay up until 3:00am on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings but those were the days of VCR's so my father would put a tape in the VCR and leave it recording overnight so we could enjoy the SMW goodness on lazy, Sunday afternoons... I digress, as always. While in SMW, Fuller and Golden served as "tweeners", willing to take on "good guys" and "bad guys" feuding with the likes of the Rock & Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies.

Fuller and Golden's Smoky Mountain Wrestling run came to an end when Fuller was hired by WCW, in 1993, to portray manager Col. Robert Parker, and Golden was hired on to play one of his charges; Bunkhouse Buck. While in WCW, the final version of The Stud Stable was cromprised of Golden, Arn Anderson, Terry Funk and Meng who acted as Fuller's bodyguard. Eventually, longtime journeyman wrestler "Dirty" Dick Slater was added to the group after Funk left. 


Slater and Golden (as Bunkhouse Buck) were the final two members of the team. They did however manage to win the WCW tag team titles once, from Harlem Heat, before the stable disbanded for good. Although perhaps considered "regional" wrestlers for most of their careers, Fuller and Golden were able to make their mark and be appreciated as legends in the business.

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