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Tag Team Appreciation Month


Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty


AWA World Tag Team Champions


Written by The Big Rybowski


"Is there a problem with the Rockers? I don't think so!"


When I think of my favourite tag teams through the years, The Rockers don't quite make the list. Sure, they were great, and they had some great matches, but they just never did anything for me. 


However, when I think of my favorite or most memorable tag team moments, The Rockers are always on the top of that list.

The Rockers were having some issues (even the hard-hitting journalists at WWF Magazine had the scoop), but it was nothing they couldn't straighten out on an episode of The Barber Shop. 


After Janetty and Michaels agreed that there had been some tension between the two lately, Marty told Shawn that he would turn his back to him and let him decide where they would go from there. 


Shawn couldn't just walk away from his long time partner, could he? Of course not! 


Michaels spun Janetty around, shake his hand and the two started posing for the fans, proving once and for all that there was no problem with the Rockers. 



BAM! Sweet chin music outta nowhere! And if that wasn't enough, Michaels would go on to toss Janetty (head-first) through a plate glass window! It would all end with Shawn looking straight in to the camera and saying "Is there a problem with the Rockers? I don't think so!"  


It was AWESOME! What a moment! This has truly become an iconic moment over the years, and one that I personally will always have fond memories of. 


It was such a well-done spot and it was my first real exposure to how good Shawn Michaels could be (and we all know how that turned out). 

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