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Tag Team Appreciation Month


Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags

1986 - 2010

WWF World Tag Team Champions 

WCW World Tag Team Champions

Written by Canadian Bulldog

Nasty Boys

Yes, the photo above is of The Nasty Boys strangling yours truly.


It happened a few years back; the three of us talked about the Blue Jays. It was an awesome experience with a tag team that has endured during several different eras.


When you think about it, The Nasty Boys have been just about everywhere. They began in the AWA, moved to WCW (and returned there several times), dominated in the WWF and even had a brief run in TNA. And they did all of that without being very good wrestlers!

In fact, Mick Foley referred to The Nasty Boys in his first book as "sloppy as hell," and this came from someone who battled alongside them in some of the most dangerous battles in WCW.


Regardless of their skill-set, it's hard to deny that The Nasty Boys did battle with some of the preeminent teams of pretty much any era. This includes Rick & Scott Steiner, The Legion Of Doom, Harlem Heat, The Bushwhackers, Money Inc., The Beverley Brothers, 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Team 3D (a/k/a The Dudley Boyz).

Three things I'll always remember about The Nasty Boys (besides them choking me out): First, their theme song, which consisted of a repetitive drum beat and someone scratching a record. Second, their patented "stick someone's head in their armpits" finishing move.


And third, their appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1991, where they did battle with The Legion Of Doom in a ring that was constructed on the Arsenio Hall set. The match, subtitled "Mo Better Bruise" and featuring the commentary of Arsenio Hall, Mean Gene Okerlund and Jake "The Snake" Roberts was nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere of being on a sound stage was decidedly different. And even though Knobbs and Sags did the J.O.B., they were as nasty as they wanted to be.

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