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Recent WWE Mattel Purchases Spring 2022

Every once in a while, I will outline some recent WWE Mattel purchases I've made, both in stores and on the secondary market. Let's take a look at some of the WWE Mattel figures I picked up in the spring of 2022...

I have to kick things off with the Cowboy Bob Orton from WWE Legends Series 13. Not only is it a great depiction of the WWE Hall of Famer, but they went all out with the frilly black vest, cowboy hat and removeable cast. On top of that, he comes with removeable boxing gloves (and black wrist guards) - a nod to his short-lived run as Boxing Bob Orton and his Saturday Night's Main Event boxing match with Mr. T.


While some people have knocked the Trish Stratus from WWE Elite Series 88 because of the face scan, but I really don't mind it. The depiction of the WWE Hall of Famer is from her early days with the company and comes with a cowboy hat (not Bob Orton's) and ring jacket. This is the first Trish figure I've ever owned, and considering she's my favorite female star of all time, I'm surprised it's taken this long to add a Trish figure to my collection.

I'm not sure which collection this Triple H Elite is from, but it looks to be from fairly in the Mattel era. It's hardly my favorite rendering of The Cerebral Assassin, but I picked it up in an eBay lot with some other random figures.

Speaking of eBay lots, I also picked up Andrade from WWE Battle Pack Series 62 (which originally came with Zelina Vega and a microphone). While the Andrade is a fairly basic figure, he comes with a white luchador mask that slips over his head.

Another eBay pick up (same lot as Andrade) was Humberto Carillo from WWE Basic Series 115. It's.... fine, I guess, but I definitely not something I would have purchased on its own.

Bobby Lashley, on the other hand, was one of the more pleasant eBay lot pick-ups. From Championship Showdown Series 6, Lashley was part of a two-pack with King Booker. It's a really good likeness of The Almighty, although not exactly his current look.

Braun Strowman is from WWE Basic Top Picks 2020 and while it's also not his most current look, it's definitely the look I remember his most by. It's amazing the size difference between Braun and other WWE guys, even in Mattel format.

While I own several Shawn Michaels Mattel figures... I needed his WrestleMania 38 Elite (which captured his last "real" match at WrestleMania XXVI against The Undertaker) because I was collecting the Build-A-Vince-McMahon figure. It's actually an excellent rendering of Shawn, particularly the entrance gear. 

I needed a Rob Van Dam Mattel for my collection, and I picked up this Basic Series 39 rendering for a decent price at a flea market. Had I known the ECW version was coming out from Mattel... I probably would have held out for that one.

And finally, we have Roman Reigns from Basic Series 108. Did I need another Roman figure? Definitely not. But I picked it up on the cheap at a flea market in very good condition, and it represents a time where The Big Dog was universally despised as a so-called "good guy" and it's actually a really solid likeness of him for a Basic figure.

Until next season.... these have been my Recent WWE Mattel Purchases.

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