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Recent WWE Mattel Purchases Fall 2021

Every once in a while, I will outline some recent WWE Mattel purchases I've made, both in stores and on the secondary market. Let's take a look at some of the WWE Mattel figures I picked up in the fall of 2021...

I'm building up a 1990s collection at present, so I absolutely NEEDED Sid Justice. Although he comes dressed in his referee tanktop and pants from refereeing the main event of SummerSlam 1991 (The Match Made In Hell), if you strip off the soft goods clothes, he makes a perfectly serviceable WWF wrestler Sid Justice or WCW wrestler Sid Vicious in the alternate red uniform. This is honestly one of my favorite recent pickups, as the head scan, multiple outfits and three sets of hands really make this figure stand out.

Kama is another great add to my 1990s collection and I'm not sure this version of Charles Wright has ever been in figure form before. It's a very accurate face scan and outfit, plus he comes with The Undertaker's melted urn to wear around his neck. The Supreme Fighting Machine, indeed.

The next few figures were flea market finds, and it kind of shows. Alberto Del Rio is a bit worse for wear, plus I already have an ADR in my collection... so this one is completely expendable. The same can be said for Sin Cara. As mentioned in the Summer 2021 edition of Recent WWE Mattel Purchases.... I already have two Sin Caras, and while not in this specific outfit, I can't say I needed it.

I'll say the same for Triple H. I own at least a half-dozen different variations of The Cerebral Assassin, and I'm fairly sure this was picked up as part of an eBay lot. The figure is kind of dirty and gungy and something that immediately went into a random figure Ziploc baggie.

Sami Zayn isn't the greatest figure (his most recent ones with the long beard and green jacket are waaaaay better), but given I don't have a Zayn in my Mattel collection yet... I figured, why not pick it up for a couple of bucks?

Luke Harper was part of the aforementioned eBay lot, and one I'd been trying to get since he passed away last year. Even though this particular figure has seen better days, it's a great representation of the Wyatt Family member, complete with disgusting sweat-stained wifebeater.

Big Van Vader was a WWE Legends figure I gladly paid full market value for when I came across it this fall. Unlike past Vader figures, this one captures his early WCW run and is just phenomenal. It has two different heads (the black mask he wore initially and his actual head, plus the red half-face mask thingie that I couldn't figure out how to fit atop his head). On top of that.... he also comes with the mastadon headgear he wore in WCW and Japan, plus an alternate set of hands (one does the "V" symbol and one set is for punching). Incredible!

Nikolai Volkoff is another WWE Legends figure and while it doesn't capture my favorite period of the WWE Hall of Famer (e.g. when he was a hated heel in the Rock 'n' Wrestling days), it's a great likeness of him from his babyface run in the early 1990s. Volkoff comes with an extra set of hands to salute for the national anthem, plus his trademark hat and "US/USSR" red jacket.

And finally, I found The Bushwhackers on eBay for a very reasonable price. This is a great likeness of Cousin Luke and Cousin Butch, right down to their face scans, outfit and tattoo. I'm not sure whether the original Battle Pack came with two hats, but mine has one (complete with bites taken out of the visor). I'm not complaining!

All in all, some decent adds to my collection this past fall, plus a few I most likely didn't need.

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