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RIP Droz

Darren Drozdov had a lot going for him during the colorful Attitude Era - a great look, a decidedly-different nickname ("Puke") and a debut in the WWF at the height of wrestling's most popular era.

I remember his action figure (pictured above) being one of my favorites; it was just so.... alternative-looking and badass that it differed greatly from the Shawn Michaels' and Bret Hart's of the era. I also remember his contribution to Beyond The Mat, when Vince McMahon infamously forced the poor guy vomit on command, and his even more controversial storyline with LOD 2000.

Unfortunately, Droz will always be remembered for his in-ring accident during a match with D-Lo Brown (to his immense credit, Droz never once blamed D-Lo for what happened), leaving him paralyzed. While the WWF kept him employed for years after his in-ring career ended, he is someone who never was able to live up to his full potential.

Oddly enough, I watched a clip of him just last night from "Dark Side of the Ring" and couldn't believe how different he looked from his in-ring days. Just a sad story of someone who clearly deserved a better life. Rest in peace, Droz.

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