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Not-So-Immediate Elimination Chamber Thoughts

Because of the international timing, I wasn't able to catch most of the show live... but here we go.

Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns was pretty much the perfect opener. If this was indeed Goldberg's final match, he looked strong while still making Reigns look stronger heading into WrestleMania. Short match, but it absolutely got the job done.

The Womens Elimination Chamber match was decent, but felt a little bit... lacking. It was missing the story that some of these matches have going into them and even the late addition of Alexa Bliss didn't do much to heighten interest. Bianca Belair winning was absolutely the right decision, and now we're looking for a decent continuation of her feud with Big Time Becks at Mania.

Even though I felt the "one arm tied behind her back" gimmick came out of nowhere, Ronda Rousey and Naomi vs. Charlotte Flair and Sonya Deville was a fine mid-card tag team match. We know we're going to see Rousey/Flair at Mania, so there was no need to put two much focus on their issue here... just enough to keep things interesting.

Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss was better than I expected, actually. Don't get me wrong - this could have aired on SmackDown or whatever, but it was a good showing for Moss (at least until that nasty head-spike spot). But you have to feel for McIntyre here, as even in victory, he's far away from a guaranteed (top) spot at WrestleMania.

I really enjoyed Lita vs. Becky Lynch, and obviously it was the right decision for The Man to go over here. After seeing Lita's underwhelming performance at the Royal Rumble, I wasn't sure she would have the right stuff to go into a title program... but credit to her, she did. And this was obviously the right way to go.

The Mens Elimination Chamber match was fun and action-packed, which is exactly what you want from a match like this. Bobby Lashley should be a bit concerned now, given he's been downgraded somewhat into a feud with Seth Rollins.... but Brock Lesnar coming out on top should surprise no one. We're getting title for title for WrestleMania, which is probably the best situation anyone could ask for given how many times these two have locked horns (including AT WrestleMania).

Overall, this show was incredibly predictable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It sets things up well for the upcoming WrestleMania show.


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