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My WWE Mattel Collection

My WWE Mattel Collection

We always talk about my vintage wrestling figures on this site, but rarely do I talk about the new(er) ones.

There's probably a reason for that: many of the WWE Mattel have come out in the last decade or so, and aren't nearly as rare and, therefore, exciting. At the same time, they're so much BETTER than what was out before them, in terms of appearance, articulation and scale. On the whole, WWE's Mattel collection are excellent figures, and I recently build a shelf just to display (most, but not all) of my collection.

One quick word, before we get into the details: I don't buy most of these off the store shelves or through Amazon -- while I'd love to, it would become an incredibly expensive habit. Brand new, these figures retail for anywhere between $15 and $40 (Canadian), which is typically too rich for my blood. Sure, I'll break my own rules every once in a great while, but for the most part, these were acquired on sale at the local Walmart or Toys R Us; in lots on eBay; and even hidden away at local thrift shops.

That said... here's what I've got:

My WWE Mattel Collection

Atop the shelf and in a ring sits The Kliq, more or less wearing their "Curtain Call Era" gear: Razor Ramon, The 123 Kid, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

My WWE Mattel Collection

The top shelf is largely reserved for WWE legends, and I'm definitely more into these than the newer guys, by and large.

Back Row: Andre The Giant; Ravishing Rick Rude; The Ultimate Warrior; The Undertaker; Alundra Blayze; Christian; Edge; Kamala.

Second From Back Row: Brutus The Barber Beefcake; Jim The Anvil Neidhart; The Red Rooster; The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase; Doink The Clown; Bobby The Brain Heenan; Jimmy Hart.

Second From Front Row: Triple H (early 2000s version); The Hurricane; The Red Rooster; Sting; Bret Hit Man Hart; Mr. Bob Backlund; The Three Faces of Foley (Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love).

Front Row: Bill Goldberg; Ric Flair (not exactly a legends version, but it will hold me for now); Hulk Hogan (same thing); Macho Man Randy Savage; Miss Elizabeth; Kurt Angle.

My WWE Mattel Collection

The bottom shelf is a random hodge-podge of modern-ish guys and here, you can see which ones I picked up on the cheap in flea markets and thrift shops over the years. I'm not quite as proud of it.

Back Row: Brock Lesnar; Paul Heyman; Mark Henry; Batista; The Undertaker (more modern version than on the top shelf); The Big Show; Edge (more modern version than on the top shelf); Kane.

Second From Back Row: Ryback; Alberto Del Rio; CM Punk; Chris Jericho; Shane McMahon; Kofi Kingston (needs an upgrade, for sure); Kevin Owens; AJ Styles

Second From Front Row: Shawn Michaels (slightly more modern version than on the top shelf); Triple H (more modern version than on the top shelf); John Cena; Randy Orton; The Rock; Dean Ambrose; Seth Rollins; Rusev; Lana.

Front Row: Daniel Bryan; The Fiend Bray Wyatt (and one of the few I gladly paid full price for; it's awesome!).

Again.... I appreciate this isn't the world's coolest collection -- in fact, it's pretty random, now that I think about it. It's just something I have as a tribute to my newer WWE figures.

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