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My WCW Mattel Collection

For many months now on this site, I've talked of collecting the WCW-era figures that Mattel has produced as part of its never-ending WWE releases. While I don't think I will ever be able to find all of them on the market, here are the ones currently in my collection...

While I have several other Sting figures in my collection (mostly from the actual WCW lines, but also AEW), the Crow-era figure from WWE Basic 55 is the perfect foil to take on the evil forces of the new World order.


As with many of these characters, Mattel has made numerous WCW-era Sting figures, including his Wolfpac and surfer looks. But I was particularly drawn to the blond-haired, green outfit wearing version in WWE Elite 62 because it captures the classic Stinger that one often equates with the early days of WCW.

Speaking of early days of WCW, Mattel recently released a Mean Mark Callous figure in WWE Legends Series 14. It's a great rendering of Mean Mark, but let's be honest... they only made it because he later became The Undertaker. That persona was only around in WCW for a handful of months before leaving the promotion.

Mattel has made several iterations of Bill Goldberg, both from his WCW and WWE runs, but I love this Entrance Greats figure (which comes with a stand that plays his entrance theme). This is the classic Goldberg look when he first defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan and became a star.

Michael P.S. Hayes was a Collectors Edition special from Mattel and it kind of, sort of, captures his WCW look. I'm not sure P.S. wore red trunks and the Badstreet USA shirt together, but I'm going to humbly suggest it's better as a WCW figure than a WCCW one.

While there are several Stone Cold Steve Austin figures, I believe this one from WWE Elite 81 is the only one covering his Stunning Steve Austin run as part of the Hollywood Blonds run. It's a great rendering of this period in his career, complete with silver jacket, a full head of hair and the Hollywood clapboard he used to bring to the ring. Now if I could only get my hands on the corresponding Brian Pillman to make them a team....

Both Ric Flair and The Giant are from WWE Championship Showdown Series 3 and while the set is meant to capture their battle on WCW Nitro, neither is a breakout figure. In fact, The Giant one looks like they took a current (at the time) Big Show and put long hair on him.

Rey Mysterio is from WWE Basic 99 and captures his run as a WCW Cruiserweight. There are actually several figures from this era; this just happened to be the least expensive one I could find on eBay.

Bam Bam Bigelow is from WWE Legends Series 11 and while it's not strictly a WCW figure (he comes with an ECW Championship, in fact), this is how he looked during his final run with WCW as well, so I can count it. It's also an amazing figure of The Beast From The East.

Likewise, Vader from WWE Legends Series 10 is another banger. It actually represents two of Vader's looks from WCW - when he wore a full mask and his more well-known red partial face mask. There are swappable heads so you can change the look depending on your mood. In addition, the infamous Mastadon mask he used in both WCW and Japan is an added feature you can put on top of either head sculpt.

The Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham) are from a WWE Hall of Fame Four-Pack, and they are all incredible. To me, this is not only the classic Horsemen lineup, but also their most-remembered looks. The set is near-perfect.

Magnum T.A. is a WWE Lost Legends figure that I picked up many years ago as part of a three-figure Toys R Us package deal (I want to say Ultimate Warrior and Kamala were the other two). The figure is a great rendering of the NWA/WCW legend, and I believe the only figure of him out there currently.

Dusty Rhodes came with the official WCW Hall of Fame Retro Ring (as seen in many of the above photos) and while there are other, more detailed renderings of The American Dream, this one definitely harkens back to his time as an active NWA/WCW competitor.

Rounding out my WCW collection are the nWo in the form of Scott Hall (WWE Battle Pack 36), Kevin Nash (WWE Legends Series 12) and Hollywood Hulk Hogan (WWE Ultimate Edition). I could definitely upgrade the Hall (especially now that he has passed away), but overall they represented the black-and-white faction well enough.

In terms of who's missing from my WCW Mattel collectiion? I may not have a full list, but these are some that I am on the hunt for currently:

  • Bret Hart

  • Brian Pillman

  • Booker T

  • The Boss

  • Dean Malenko

  • Diamond Dallas Page

  • Eddie Guerrero

  • Fit Finlay

  • JJ Dillon

  • Larry Zbyszko

  • Lex Luger

  • Lord Steven Regal

  • Randy Savage

  • Ricky Steamboat

  • The Road Warriors

  • Ron Simmons

  • The Shark

  • The Shockmaster

  • Stevie Ray

  • Syxx

  • Warrior

Let me know if you find any of these WCW-era figs (especially at a decent price!) so my collection can continue to build.

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