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Magazine Of The Month

Wrestling Monthly
May 1972
By Adam Zimmerman

Wrestling Monthly May 1972

One type of wrestling memorabilia that I've always liked to collect most is vintage wrestling magazines. Partly because fewer people seem to collect those compared to wrestling figures. Partly because I loved reading them so much as a kid because they had pictures and articles about wrestlers that you wouldn't necessarily get to see in your hometown territory (which for me was Jim Crockett Promotions) and, partly because it amazes me that various people have taken such great care of paper products that are 40-50 plus years old at this point.


Regardless of the reasons; magazines are my favorite thing to collect and today, I wanted to take a look at this issue of Wrestling Monthly from May, 1972. It touts itself as "The Official Magazine Of Wrestling" and the original cover price was 60 cents so, let's see what it has to offer.