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Learn Monsoon In One Easy Lesson

Originally published June 1, 2010

Gorilla Monsoon

How often has this happened to you?


You're at ringside doing color commentary with a huge play-by- play announcer wearing blue tinted sunglasses and spouting off tired cliches and catchphrases by the boatload. You'd love to engage him in conversation, but can't quite comprehend

what it is he's talking about.


Unless the year is 1986 and your name is Lord Alfred Hayes, chances are pretty good that hasn't, indeed, happened to you. But still, one can never be too careful....


As a public service, I have prepared a handy Gorilla Monsoon-to-English translation guide that can be printed off and taken with you the next time you're at the announcer's desk, backstage right behind the entrance ramp, or just spending the day on a wild west film set with Bobby The Brain Heenan.


You're welcome.

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