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Kim Chee Breaks Silence

Promises to tell all in new book

Originally published October 14, 2008

Kim Chee Breaks Silence

(Uganda) - Kim Chee, the long time associate of Kamala The Ugandan Headhunter, will break his silence on the controversial relationship between the two rulebreakers in a new book.

"By all outward appearances, we got along very well," Chee says, according to an excerpt of the book, Behind The Pith Hat. "He would wrestle, I would stand outside the ring, shouting at him and pointing my riding crop in the air menacingly."


Chee's job as handler of Kamala was to advise and control the behemoth, and occasionally to help his client remember how to properly pin an opponent. But behind the scenes, things were a different story.

"One time, we were in Madison Square Garden, and we'd just arrived backstage in the Gorilla position," Chee recalls. "Then he... just got this look in his eye, and started patting his belly. I tried to back away from him, but it was no use."

Chee claims Kamala had his way with the handler on at least 200 occasions between 1983 and 1994. He kept trying to leave the stormy relationship, only to receive pressure to "hang in there" from managers such as Fred Blassie, James J. Dillon, King Curtis Iaukea, Gen. Skandor Akbar, Mr. Fuji and Harvey Wippleman.

"None of them cared what happened to me; Kamala was their meal ticket," Chee explained sadly. "So I just stuck around and took it for as long as I could."

Chee eventually rebelled from his charge, and even ended up wrestling Kamala on several house shows before calling at a career. Today, according to the book, he is out of the business and selling construction equipment in Duluth, Minnesota.

"If I had to do everything all over again, I would," a somber Kim Chee admits. "Ideally without being attacked all the time."



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