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The Wrestling Merchandise and Memories Interview


a/k/a Soul Train Jones

"My goal is to pretend to help the world be a better place while I go into daily food comas that allow me to focus on eating and bathing in a tub of pasta."

It's hard not to love Wrestling Superstar Virgil (a/k/a Soul Train Jones), who has transformed from being the hired muscle to The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase in the 1980s to becoming a social media icon today, with thousands and thousands of loyal followers on Instagram and Twitter.


The former Million Dollar Champion has become known for his penchant for packing Olive Gardens worldwide with more fans than... his autograph signings (?), and that notoriety has led to his first video game, Meatsauce Madness, available now for play on all Android and Apple devices.


In the game, our favorite Wrestling Superstar is sent through different worlds to try and get him to his Main Event! Along the way, help him dodge brutal enemies and evil bosses, all while gaining health by eating beef, breadsticks and collecting power-ups! Take a detour and play three minigames: Slot Machine, Find the Meatball, and Truck Beat-Up. Earn coins and cash to make your way through the worlds (see below this interview for an exclusive sneak peek).

Wrestling Merchandise and Memories recently caught up with the WWF, WCW and AEW legend for his thoughts on Meatsauce Madness and many other topics.

Canadian Bulldog: Tell us about your newest venture, Meatsauce Madness. Some have said it could be the next Leisure Suit Larry and disrupt the entire gaming world as we know it.

Virgil: My passion for meatsauce and breadsticks is noted; I  am a connoisseur of elegance and sensual taste. People love me as I am their God... so gaming was just the next step in my already decorated career.

CBYou’re one wrestler who is definitely underrepresented in the video game world. Other that being in the Boss Level screen of WWF WrestleFest, I can’t remember too many games you’ve been in. Why is that?

V: Because I  was more of a behind the scenes guy. Warrior, Hogan, et cetera.. they all love to hog the spotlight and I was too busy guzzling beef.... so I  waited for the right time to be the guy in the front. We need a new Super Mario, as he doesn't know jack shit about food... he would eat a f*cking mushroom and that's about it.

CBIf Meatsauce Madness takes off, could we see sequels and the beginning of a Virgil video game empire?

V: Well, I am currently working on a cartoon, comic book, action figure and a book... so the extensions are all natural. My goal is to pretend to help the world be a better place while I  go into daily food comas that allow me to focus on eating and bathing in a tub of pasta.

CB: Let’s talk about your wrestling career. You were a former Million Dollar Champion, a title now held by LA Knight. Has he done a good job carrying on your legacy?


V: LA Who? The only LA I  know is LA Parka. LA Knight, he needs to see what my dark knight looks like, and he would be a bit nervous about trying to fill the shoes that even Austin, Ted, and Vince could never do...

CB: Earlier this year, we published a comprehensive list of win-loss records of everyone to compete at WrestleMania, and you were 2 and 0. How come guys like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels get all the positive ink, yet your win-loss record is technically better?


V: Because they are insecure and I  am secure. I  am totally comfortable with my record. They are afraid that they will be exposed.

CB: We have to ask: was there ever any talk of an Undertaker-Virgil match at Mania?


V: We were supposed to do 'Mania 8. I bailed, as the catering was shit in Indiana. I  don't care about being in a match with Taker, as he knows I am in a place that he will never be: undefeated.

CB: In the last year or so, we’ve seen you on AEW programming, but you’re also closely associated with your run in WWE. Could we see more of you in a major company in the near future?


V: TK (Tony Khan) and I are cool... he loves STJ and he is a fan.... Christopher Jericho is a student of mine and he is totally down for a resurgence. So yeah, let's crank!

CB: Colt Cabana’s latest podcast, Wrestling Anonymous, often features tales of how you have hustled fans for an autographed 8x10 or selfie. Set the record straight: are the stories true? And does the Maestro of Meat Sauce have any beef with Colt?


V: Does a Bear shit in the woods? Does a mouse nibble on rotten cheese? Does Soul Train Jones snatch cash wherever I go? Let's be clear: I  am no different than ANY other talent in the industry. The only difference is that because I was perceived as a manservant, I got that rep.  EVERYONE in wrestling wants money. I  am the same...

CB: Will we ever see a dream match between Virgil and either Roman Reigns or Bobby Lashley?


V: If he got a haircut, maybe.

CB: Any last words for the fans of Wrestling Merchandise and Memories and Virgil fanatics out there?

V: If you are down with the Meatsauce Mafia, and love the Meatsauce God and want to help me become the first ever manservant to own Microsoft, then this is your chance to dip into your phone and play the greatest game in the history of games. For the price of a cup of coffee, you can be stuffing my stomach with a bowl of beef. Let's go!!!

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