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Hulk Hogan Refuses To Put

Sick Child Over In Heaven

Originally published December 1, 2009

Hulk Hogan Refuses To Put Sick Child Ove

(Brandon, FL) - Professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is refusing to job to Multiple Sclerosis victim Timmy McMullen when the two eventually meet up in the afterlife.


"One day, you and I are gonna meet up in heaven, brother," Hogan told McMullen while visiting the five-year-old recently on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. "And when we do, brother, you and I are gonna get in the ring and wrestle for the world's championship!"


"And then I'm gonna lift you up over my head, brother," the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer continued. "Slam you down, and drop the leg. One - two - three!"


Hogan then cupped his hand to his ear and posed for ten minutes before leaving the hospital.


When asked why he wouldn't put over the dying youngster, Hogan said McMullen wasn't "ready yet to take things to the next level, brother."


"It's just not the right time to elevate that little dude," Hogan said. "This Hulkamania thing is just starting to get its second wind, brother. Merchandise is jumpin' off the shelves.


"Maybe another time, brother.  Maybe another time."



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