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In the past, we asked readers of this site the important question "Which Bundy Is Best?" followed by the natural question "Which Big John Studd Is Best?". Both questions led to a lively debate, with Wrestling Merchandise and Memories providing the necessary evidence to draw reasonable conclusions.

So now it's time to rank their Heenan family stablemate "Ravishing" Rick Rude. A WWE Hall of Famer and former Intercontinental Champion, The Ravishing One has had his fair share of figs (14 that we know of) made over the years from toymakers including LJN, Hasbro, Jakks Pacific and Mattel.

We decided to rank (in reverse order) our favorite Rude figures for the purposes of this article, showing from worst to best. Here we go!

Rick Rude

# 14 - WWF Wrestling Superstars Series 6 (LJN)

The original figure of Ravishing Rick Rude also happens to be the absolute worst of the bunch. Created during the final "Black Card" LJN days when Grand Toys officially took over the line, this figure featured The Ravishing One's hands welded on to his hips and making a "kissy face" expression - not exactly the epitome of a useable wrestling figure.

Rick Rude

# 13 - WWE Classic Superstars Series 13 (Jakks Pacific)

While not a terrible rendering of Ravishing Rick, this figure comes across as a somewhat-lazy effort. Wearing blue trunks adorned with the word "RAVISHING" over and over and teeming with body parts that had probably been used a half-dozen other times, this just screams of a lack of effort. The figure did come with a red sequined robe and the Intercontinental Championship, so there's that.

Rick Rude

#12 - WWF Series 1 (Hasbro)

We hate to hate on the earliest versions of Ravishing Rick, but this Hasbro figure makes him look extremely plain. Between the boring purple trunks with black stripes and the barely-recognizable face, this was simply not Hasbro's best work.

Rick Rude

# 11 - WWE Deluxe Classic Superstars 3 (Jakks Pacific)

This figure is a slightly better effort than the previous Classic Superstars entry. Plus, the "Deluxe" model means it has far more articulation and can even do the splits if one is so inclined.

While I appreciate the different tights decision that was made here (Ravishing Rick's headshot on lime green trunks), there's no getting around that Jakks Pacific simply didn't do his face justice, making him look like he got hit with an ugly stick.


# 10 - WWE Flashback Basic Series 1 (Mattel)

This is probably my least favorite of the Rick Rude Mattel figures. It's not terrible... but they do use the same purple and black stripe trunks that Hasbro used with him. Plus, because it's a Basic figure, there's very little articulation. But if you're looking for an early Heenan Family-era Rick Rude, you could certainly do worse.

Rick Rude

# 9 - POP! WWE Funko

Let's be honest - the Funko line is fairly straightforward, so there's no way you're getting a much different style than the two giant black buttons for eyes that they always have.


But I do appreciate that Funko tried to design a lesser-known version of The Ravishing One (his WCW short-haired look, with red and yellow trunks) and that's certainly puts it a notch about some of the other figures on this list.

Rick Rude

#8 - WWE Unmatched Fury Series 6 (Jakks Pacific)

Unmatched Fury was a short-lived set of wrestling statues created by Jakks Pacific in the mid-2000s. Each of the statues has detail to spare, but it's hard to grade them against other action figures, thus the middling grade here.

I mean... it definitely looks like Ravishing Rick, no doubt. But you can't do much with it besides put it on a shelf and have it collect dust, you know?

Rick Rude

#7 - WWE Superstars Series 5 (Mattel)

The WWE Superstars line has a special place in my heart. Throwbacks to the AWA Remco figures (also the Masters of the WWE Universe line), they are more cartoony than their 7" Mattel counterparts, but definitely not without their charm.

This figure is a welcome addition to the line as, not only does he come with the black sequined robe, but he also has the Intercontinental Championship on his trunks - a throwback to the golden age of wrestling.

Rick Rude

#6 - WWE Elite Series 40 (Mattel)

This figure is a little bit different than some of the other Rick Rudes we've seen, with similar pink tights to the aforementioned Unmatched Fury figure. Add in a really good head scan and elite articulation, and you have a Rick Rude figure you would be proud to take home to meet your parents (assuming, of course, you're in the habit of introducing wrestling figures to your folks).

Rick Rude

#5 - WWE Legends Series 2 (Mattel)

The original WWE Legends line prided itself on creating some deep cuts of wrestling legends, and this Rick Rude simply made a statement.

Portraying Ravishing Rick's WCW run, this figure is similar to the Funko in that it has short hair and the red and yellow trunks. But this figure is so much more satisfying in that you gives you a very different look to him, framed by a sweet black and gold robe.

Rick Rude

#4 - WWE Elite Series 77 - Chase Variant (Mattel)

While this figure was the chase variant, I actually like the original version of this slightly better.

Don't get me wrong - both editions are absolute fire, but this is a bit more boring, with plain yellow trunks adorned with the Intercontinental Title. It also comes with a black and gold robe and several sets of alternate hands.

Rick Rude

#3 - WWE Elite Series 77 (Mattel)

Same exact figure as the previous one, but with different trunks and boots. And these trunks happen to have a BAD ASS Ultimate Warrior design on them. This figure is truly a work of art.

Rick Rude

#2 - WWE Elite Survivor Series 2022 (Mattel)

This is actually a Build A Figure and is arguably the best Mattel BAF in history. If you purchase the other four figures in this set, not only can you create this suit-wearing enforcer for D-Generation X, but you can also switch heads and portray him sans beard when he jumped ship to WCW weeks later and became an enforcer to the nWo.

Such a great idea for a Build A Figure!

Rick Rude

#1 - WWE Ultimate Edition - Coliseum Collection  (Mattel)

Ironically, this is a very similar figure to the one I panned at the beginning of this article. And it's completely meant to be a tribute of the OG. How can my least-favorite also be my favorite Rick Rude?

Simply put, Mattel got all the things right that LJN failed at. So, yes, you can turn this figure into an exact replica of the LJN (other than it being actually poseable), but you can also swap heads, arms and other accessories such as a red-sequined robe to create your dream Rick Rude. This is a case where the Ultimate Edition moniker truly lives up to the hype.

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