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Five Wrestling VIdeo Game Villains

Wrestling video games don't typically have heels. Even though the nature of the genre features heroes vs. villains, there's nothing inherently villain-ish about the bad guys in most matches. Sure, they're being booed, but they can wrestle clean, especially if you happen to be playing as said heel and choose to stay on the straight and narrow. 


However... there are some exceptions. Here are Five Wrestling Video Game Villains we should talk about.

Strong Bads

The Strong Bads


One of the first commercially-available wrestling video games was 1983's Tag Team Wrestling (available on the Nintendo Entertainment System, personal computers, arcade cabinets and the Commodore 64). You were able to play as the fun-loving, babyface duo known as The Ricky Fighters, and they were perennially matched against the team of The Strong Bads.

Were they truly considered bad guys? Well, the word Bad is right in their name...

The Great Puma


No matter which wrestler you played as the 1986 release Pro Wrestling (for the Nintendo), you ultimately went up against boss character The Great Puma.

And while he looks more like The Sugar Crisp Bear than an actual puma... you have to hate a wrestler so evil no one could ever beat him.

The Great Puma
The WCW Master

The WCW Master


Much like Pro Wrestling, the video game World Championship Wrestling (released in 1989 for Nintendo) had a boss character that everyone was forced to face in order to win the coveted WCW Championship.

The WCW Master was twice as tall as the rest of the roster... and yes, we realize he's supposed to be Andre The Giant under a mask (a/k/a The Giant Machine), even though he never worked in WCW.

The Mega Bucks


One more boss character -- or rather, characters -- appeared in the 1989 arcade cabinet game WWF Superstars. 

After your randomly-assigned tag team (probably Big Boss Man and The Honky Tonk Man) defeated three other duos, you had to face The Mega Bucks (Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant, flanked by Virgil) in order to reign supreme. And The Mega Bucks were more than happy to talk shit about you in between the matches.

The Mega Bucks
Mr McMahon

Mr. McMahon


How is Mr. McMahon not the top villain in a wrestling video game? Between his dastardly actions as WWF/E owner or General Manager, his in-ring shenanigans --heck, we wouldn't even be surprised if Mr. McMahon was even secretly behind Stephanie McMahon's kidnapping in WWF Betrayal -- Vinnie Mac is so evil, he puts even Bowser and Dr. Robotnik to shame.

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