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WWF Classic 1991




While most people look at the original series of WWF Classic cards and think that was the only one released by the sportscard company, there was a separate set the following year that is not quite as well known. Yet, it's actually an excellent set that is far more sportscard-themed than its predecessor.


All the cards are on a consistent blue background with red and white lettering announcing the wrestler's name.

Power & Glory

This way it's easy to tell who's who without looking at the wrestler's logo, the way the previous set was designed. For example, you could tell the above card was The Model Rick Martel, and this one is of Power & Glo.... wait a second.


This is only Hercules, so it really should just be a "Power" card! What the hell, Classic? That's a rookie mistake right there...

Rick Martel
Big Boss Man

On the bright side.... each card back had tons of information on the wrestler, such as their kayfabe home town, weight, trademark hold and favorite quote. There was even a space for an autograph, making this particular line quite collector-friendly.

General Adnan

You.... um, may just have to ignore the revelation that General Adnan's favorite quote is "untranslatable because it's in Arabic." What the actual f*ck, guys? Racist much? Also, why was there a separate General Adnan trading card and not one of Colonel Mustafa?

Back to less controversial cards, you have my all-time favorite Rowdy Roddy Piper, who... wait a minute.


I mean, this is clearly a Rowdy Roddy Piper and Vince McMahon card! Vinnie Mac is even more prominent than Hot Rod here! Why??? I always gave shit to Wrestling Stars when they did this, so the Classic folks won't escape the same scrutiny.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Mr. Fuji Card.webp

I know how I could bitch and moan about how this card should be titled "Mr. Fuji & Bushwhacker Butch" (at least, I'm assuming it's Butch), but I'm not going to.


To me, this is an amazing card, one of my favorites of the entire set, actually. It's the perfect demonstration of what made Mr. Fuji such a jerk - throwing ceremonial salt in the eyes of one of The Bushwhackers just to get an advantage for his men (assuming it was The Orient Express at this point).

Legion Of Doom

In conclusion.... the WWF Classic 1991 series is an important one to have, as it gives you a good idea of who's who leading into WrestleMania VII, whether it's fan favorites such as Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior, heels such as The Undertaker and Sgt. Slaughter, or tag teams such as The Rockers or The Legion Of Do....


Damnit! Not again!

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