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We've discussed the WWE Heritage series from Topps in Card Corner before. For the uninitiated, these are throwback-style cards that highlight both current stars and legends.


And while these cards have been in production for the better part of 15 years, the 2007 series jumps out at me because the base card set are done up completely in a chrome finish!

Armando Estrada.webp

This little feature is hella cool because it really makes the cards stand out. In addition to the chrome background itself, all of the features are raised on the card, such as the  outline around the body of noted Umaga advisor Armanda Allejandro Estrada.


The only downside to this (and I can't imagine Topps factored it in to their decision) is that the smudges and fingerprints are clear when you use a scanner to capture the cards.

The Great Khali.webp

Unlike some of the other Heritage cards series, most of the first 70 or so cards are dedicated to current roster folks - or at least current by 2007-8 standards. The remaining 20 cards in set include the usual assortment of WWE Legends, although not in chrome format.


Something that jumps out at me looking back at this period of time is how... well, awful WWE was at this point in history.

Kenny Dykstra

Seriously. For every John Cena and Batista in the set, we've got a Jesse and Festus. For every Kane and CM Punk, there's a Trevor Murdoch or Deuce. You say Rey Mysterio and Triple H, I say Boogeyman and Big Daddy V.


Nothing personal against Elijah Burke or Shannon Moore... but none of these guys really set the WWE Universe on fire at the time.


It's worth noting that the card-backs for this series -- something that can make or break a set for discerning collectors such as myself -- is quite well done here.


Not only do you get the basics of Snitsky here, but you also get his recent history crossing over from the ECW brand to Raw. Something I don't even remotely remember happening (yet I can recite verbatim lineups of most 1980s PPVs).

Speaking of underwhelming - the womens division a dozen or so years ago. 


In addition to Melina pictured, there are also such luminaries as Kelly Kelly, Cherry, Maryse and other women whom WWE didn't even bother to give surnames to.


Imagine this type of card treatment with the current womens roster? Would be much better.


Does the WWE Topps Heritage III series stand out among its peers? I certainly think so. While the lineup of talent isn't the best, the overall look and feel of the cards is top notch. Plus you have cards 70 - 90 listing everyone from Stone Cold Steve Austin to Tully Blanchard... so it's really hard to complain that you're not getting the full Heritage experience overall.


When in doubt, there's nothing like a good Chrome experience to boost your card collection!

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