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The Rock Says

The Rock Says...

The Most Elecrifying

Man in Sports Entertainment

The Rock (with Joe Layden)


Published: 1999


Pages: 292

Synopsis: An autobiography of The Rock during the early part of his wrestling career.

Even before he became a mainstream Hollywood celebrity, The Rock's story and his meteoric rise to stardom, makes for good bio fodder.


He's a third-generation superstar who, after some success in the football world, was pushed through WWE's developmental system in short order. From there, Rock made his national wrestling debut during a PPV match from Madison Square Garden, which would lead to several world championships as "The People's Champion", before his star took off in Hollywood and he left this wrestling crap behind.


Unfortunately, the book was published in the middle of Rock's WWF/E run and thus, you don't really get the full picture. As a result, you get disproportionately long stories about tryout matches and the like that, in the grand scheme of things, aren't really crucial to telling of The Great One's story.


On top of that, The Rock decides to switch into "character" for several chapters once he turns heel, speaking in third person and talking smack about guys who, in previous chapters, he had complimented. Then, without warning, he turns into a normal civilian again, but within a few chapters, he's back in character again. The hell?


I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea (I'm thinking Russo). Had Rock started his book off with a brief chapter speaking as "The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment" then, fine, I could have accepted that. Everyone would have understood that he was demonstrating the differences between Dwayne Johnson and The Rock. But as it stands now, it's quite confusing. Not to mention annoying.


I don't know -- this just epitomizes lazy to me. Not only did Rock likely just talk into a microphone for Layden, but it was far too early in his career to make a credible book. Had he just waited a few more years, I'm fairly confident this book would have had some more oomph to it.


Overall Rating: You're FIRRRRRRRRRED! My best advice would be to take this book, shine that sumbitch up real nice, turn it sideways, and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY-ASS! If ya smelllllllllalalow… what The Dog… is cookin'.

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