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200 WWE Stickers For

Less Than Two Bucks?

Talk about a bargain!

I first picked this sticker book in early 2015, less than a year after creating our predecessor site Canadian Bulldog's World. I remember noticing these bad boys at my local Dollarama (think the Canadian equivalent of Family Dollar or Five Below) and being floored by the price tag.

200 wrestling stickers for just $1.25! I defy anyone to top that price! It works out to just one point six cents for each creepy sticker of Randy Orton.

200 WWE Stickers For Less Than Two Bucks

I noted at the time that, while these stickers were relative newcomers to the shelves of Dollarama, one would have to figure that the production lag for this book was roughly a year. 


The roster represented here was fairly current (less so today), as are their respective logos on the stickers to the right. Sure, some of the logos could have use some updating or perfecting, but otherwise they pretty much nailed it.


They did manage to rid the collection of any CM Punk stickers by that time and got rid of the group logo for The Shield (they had broken up a short time earlier), and even the WWE Network-era logo that was introduced lthe previous summer was on full display in this book. So all in all, fairly current for the time of sale.

200 WWE Stickers For Less Than Two Bucks
200 WWE Stickers For Less Than Two Bucks

I will say that some of the "logo" stickers were, perhaps stretching things a little. Like, William Regal probably never had a T-shirt made of just his name and the British flag in the background (at least, not a popular one) and I'm fairly sure the logo maker was playing hooky the day they were asked to come up with something for poor Cesaro.

The hidden gem of this ridiculously-cheap sticker book was the final page, in which a bunch of WWE superstars were presented in head-shot format.

Interesting to note that while the roster was very current for its time (I remember noting Rusev was the only major star not showing up here), there were absolute no female wrestlers in the book! What the hell, guys? Also, I'd note that by early 2021, the only people from this book still on the full time roster are:

  • Daniel Bryan

  • Sheamus

  • Randy Orton

  • Dolph Ziggler

  • Bray Wyatt

  • The Miz

  • Roman Reigns

  • Seth Rollns

  • Rey Mysterio

  • Cesaro

  • The Usos

A ton of turnover in just a few years, no?

200 WWE Stickers For Less Than Two Bucks
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