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10 Wrestling Video Games We'd Love To See

September is Arcade Month at Wrestling Merchandise and Memories, where we celebrate some of the greatest wrestling video games from the past few decades. And between arcade classics such as WWF WrestleFest and Saturday Night Slam Masters and groundbreaking console games such as WCW/nWo World Tour, WWF No Mercy, the Fire Pro titles, and the series of WWE 2K games... there's a lot to choose from.

Beyond those games, though, here are 10 Wrestling Video Games We'd Love To See.

Hall of Duty.png

Hall of Duty: Wolfpac Ops


Hey yo! Hall of Duty: Wolfpac Ops follows the career of CIA operative Scott Hall as he "takes over" the agency in an effort to save the world from military rivals.

Watch as the nWo co-founder battles enemy foot soldiers by drunkenly refusing to "sell" their attacks, and warning them "In this business, you make friends or you can make money," before blowing them away with an assault rifle.

Firefly Fun House Returns


Yowie Wowie! Firefly Fun House Returns documents the world of puroresu, mixed with the fever dream machinations of former WWE star Bray Wyatt.

With a massive roster of characters to choose from including The Fiend and Husky Harris, each competitor is given a deep, authentic move set to work from including teleporting into thin air and using an oversized novelty mallet on your opponent.

Firefly Fun House Returns.png
AEW Rampage.png

AEW Rampage


An arcade classic appealing to nostalgia buffs, AEW Rampage focuses on Malakai Black and Luchasaurus, who use their respective strength to smash through buildings, helicopters, taxis, boats and (in the final level) Daily's Place.


Watch on as the lumbering giants travel from city to city, destroying buildings by (probably) violating various physical distancing restrictions in the name of the entertainment.

World Of Warrior


World of Warrior is a popular online role-playing game where players operate in a fantasy world, snarling, huffing and puffing along the way as you attempt to... well, we're not sure what the point is, due to the rambling and often racist monologues uttered throughout the game play.

Make sure you check out The Dungeon of Destrucity along the way!

World of Warrior.png
SD vs Raw 2021.png

SmackDown vs. Raw 2021


Despite what people may think... SmackDown vs. Raw 2021 is NOT a cheap imitation of the 2010 version! For one thing... it's been more than a decade since that game, and we've updated how much older the main characters have gotten! And instead of "Featuring ECW," it's now Featuring NXT! Plus we've swapped out The Undertaker for Roman Reigns... unless The Dead Man decides to turn.

AEW Legends Of Wrestling


From the producers of Legends of Wrestling, Legends of Wrestling II and Showdown: Legends of Wrestling comes AEW Legends of Wrestling!

Here, you'll compete as such aging legends as Christian Cage, Tully Blanchard, Sting, Paul Wight, Jake Roberts, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Arn Anderson, Chris Jericho and Taz. And yes... they do all job to Cody Rhodes!

AEW Legends of Wrestling (1).png
X Pac Man.png

Xpac Man


ARE... YOU... READY?!? X-Pac Man follows a sketchy-looking bearded, yellow circle as he dives through a maze, dodging ghosts, eating power-pellets and (probably) scoring weed.

And just so you know, we did briefly consider making this The Bastard Pac Man... but that felt like it wouldn't fit on the cartridge.

Grand Theft Auto: Suplex City


Grand Theft Auto: Suplex City follows around The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar as he travels around the city stealing cars, beating up street thugs, damaging property and... well, pretty much anything else he wants to do because realistically, who's going to stop him from doing it?


This game is Rated F5 for mature subject matter.

GTA Suplex City.png
Super Steiner Brothers (1).png

Super Steiner Brothers


In the classic console game, the Super Steiner Brothers are two collegiate plumbers from Detroit, who work stiff against Koopas and deliver crushing Steinerlines and Frankensteiners to Bowser. Later, they rescue Princess Peach, only to make her their freak. Holla if you hear me!

Mega McMahon.png

Mega McMahon


In the console game Mega McMahon, humanoid billionaire Mr. Mega McMahon dons a space helmet and shoot Max Moon-like laser beams at his enemies, including Dr. Wily and the U.S. government.


Also, his ass can do tricks.

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