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10 Dream Tag Team Matches

May is Tag Team Appreciation Month at Wrestling Merchandise and Memories, with dozens of unique articles, and a daily Tag Team Spotlight!

What follows below is a look at 10 tag team matches that never happened for a variety of reasons (including timing), but would have been awesome to watch if they were possible. Hover over each image to see our description of what may happen in the bout.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Young Bucks

Two of the greatest tag teams of all time also happen to pairs of legitimate brothers. If their prime wrestling careers had overlapped, it could have set up one of the most epic feuds of all time.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Road Warriors vs. The Usos

While this may seem like a mismatch at first given Hawk and Animal's propensity for squashing their opponents and Jey and Jimmy's relatively small size... the fact The Usos are one of the most decorated teams in recent history with a bad attitude as needed could work to their advantage against The Road Warrior if those teams had ever met in the ring.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. The Good Brothers

This match could conceivably happen next week (say, at an Impact taping or a Talk 'n' Shop PPV), but the dream match here is The Rock 'n' Roll Express in the 1980s primes against The Good Brothers circa their New Japan prime. That match has the potential to draw main event money.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

Edge & Christian vs. Harlem Heat

As two of the top teams of the late 1990s/early 2000s, Edge & Christian vs. Harlem Heat could have happened while both two duos were still in their prime... only one team was in the WWF, while the other was in WCW.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The APA vs. Beer Money

Book this match to take place in a bar (or some similar streetfight-esque setting), and you'd have a classic on your hands. The APA probably weren't the top team of the Attitude Era, but they'd have been right at home brawling with Bobby Roode and James Storm of Beer Money.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

Demolition vs. The New Day

Not only are Demolition and The New Day both known for their record-setting resigns as tag team champions, but they're two of the only teams that also operated just as successfully while as trios. So whether it's Ax and Smash vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, or if they added Crush and Big E into the mix.... it would definitely be a big matchup.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Brain Busters vs. FTR

Fun fact: When we interviewed Tully Blanchard in 2017, we asked for his thoughts on The Revival (now known as FTR) - he hadn't heard of them. Just a few years later, he became their manager in AEW.... and it's easy to see why. Wheeler and Harwood are very similar in the ring to the team of Blanchard and Arn Anderson, and a match between the four would have been a clinic.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Mega Powers vs. D-Generation X

What The Mega Powers were to professional wrestling in the late-1980s is what D-Generation X were about a decade later. Both super-teams were made up of two top singles stars, and both duos were more than ready for the main event... if they didn't turn on their respective partners, first!

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Lucha Bros

At first glance, The Dudley Boyz and The Lucha Bros would appear to be a clash of styles. But both teams aren't afraid to brawl and bend the rules to their advantage when the situation calls for it.

10 Dream Tag Team Matches

The Rockers vs. The Hardy Boyz

Separated as a team by about a decade, The Rockers vs. The Hardy Boyz would have been the ultimate battle in tag team wrestling, with four tag team specialists dazzling the fans with high-flying moves and crazy double-team maneuvers.

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